Inside the World of Fire Ants!

Inside the World of Fire Ants!

A song of ants and fire… and ant-decapitating flies
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Special thanks to Dr. Rob Plowes from the University of Texas at Austin fire ant research lab for letting us come film their ants and phorid flies:

If you want to learn everything there is to know about fire ants, read “The Fire Ants” by Walter R. Tschinkel
Check your local library!

Rachel Carson – “Silent Spring”

Fire ant raft – Matt Bennett

Fire ant escape rafts – Company of biologists

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20 Responses

  1. Live 2Live says:

    These fire ants tickle gotdamnit ain’t nothing special

  2. KeeptheFaith says:

    Ants are so cute ?

  3. iKing Furqaan says:

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    mosquitoes because they are getting a threat to human life. Humans are
    dying due to malari, dengue, etc. Please spread this message and kill all
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  4. Against The Broccoli Industry says:

    I have entomophobia.

  5. Kenneth Wong says:

    5:56 *eyes widen to their maximum potential*

  6. Lapis Lazuli says:

    are fire ants weak to water type attacks?

  7. Matt Hamer says:

    Why no mention of Walter Tschinkel? You were even leaning on his book…

  8. DarknessXmo says:

    that was fun 🙂 show this in my channel and show it to friends :)

  9. Nanien says:

    Please introduce/invent/breed a fly that hunts ticks. Ticks are the worst.
    And by the way, next to those ants that fly looked like a Fallout Bloatfly.

  10. Joo Hyun Kim says:

    “Just like us, the ants are a very important species.”

    I agree that ants are important, but not humans lol

  11. Shawn Carter M. II says:

    baskin robbins always finds out.

  12. Illegal Alien says:

    I didn’t know they stung, I thought they just bit.

  13. minitrott01 says:

    You kinda forgot North Carolina…. We have them f**kers here….

  14. Cin Za MUAN says:

    Notice me Senpai!! (U.U)

  15. Reckless Roges says:

    Hmm. Two words: Cane Toad. Ask an Ozzie.

  16. Cult Dun Studios says:

    Notice me Senpai!!

  17. Randy Castaneda says:

    Hey everyone check out my vlogs on my channel! let me know what you all

  18. Existential Error says:

    Kill these mofos every chance I get. Hate them.
    I love phorid flies.

  19. FerretTail says:

    Fire ants the most hated insect in the southern us

  20. Hugh Janus says:

    That’s just the problem brush, scientists don’t think…