Instant classic: Duke survives UCF’s upset bid (extended highlights)

Instant classic: Duke survives UCF’s upset bid (extended highlights)

Duke survives UCF in an instant classic! Watch the Blue Devils advance to the Sweet 16 in 12 minutes.

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85 Responses

  1. Nhat Nam says:

    Who almost got their bracket busted lol

    • Center Court says:

      Nhat Nam At this point idgaf about my bracket I just don’t want duke to win, I hope the Spartans can beat them

    • jgfunk says:

      Not me. I did not pick Duke to win in any of my brackets. Not because I don’t think they will win. They have the one of the better teams. However, if they lose 45% of the people in my pool are out. My chances of winning then are much better than me picking Duke and trying to get all upsets correct.

    • Randumb online person123 says:

      Josh Smith doesn’t mean brackets busted

    • Randumb online person123 says:

      Nehemiah Howard explain

    • Randumb online person123 says:

      Spicy SaderSandwich ppl are so dumb like u

  2. Eastside 11 says:

    I had duke moving past them in my bracket, but now I feel bad for UCF. They should’ve won.

  3. Tavis Banks says:


  4. Cameron Stacy says:

    If duke goes on to win this thing can we all just agree to remember cam’s 3?? That 3 saved our season

  5. Johnrap11 says:

    UCF’s rim magnets set to repel.

  6. Derek Richbell says:

    Wasn’t sure how we’d do against Duke but man am I’m proud of my Knights. This game could have gone either way and UCF did incredible. No shame in a loss like this that made people worry about their brackets. Charge on Knights!

  7. Sam Oso says:

    Dawkins dude played an incredible game. I hope he gets drafted to the right team

  8. Sedrik Pocuch says:

    Zion’s And-1 on Tacko Fall is iconic

    • J Z says:

      +th3kingx only a Zion fanboy would turn his missed FT into an “assist” for RJ. Hilarious

    • Yellow says:

      J Z my guy, im not a Zion fan. I’m a Ja Morant fan and now an Aubrey Dawkins fan bc that guy was balling. I’m just saying that in the end, the miss worked out alright.. they still won the game and that’s what matters right? Zion choked but it’s a team game and his team covered for his faults.

    • Tom Cleaveland says:

      +Luke Willhite You’re correct in the general case. I should have been more clear about the particulars on that play, which was correctly called (Fall’s arms were not in legal vertical position, per Rule 4.18)

    • Tom Cleaveland says:

      +smyzo That’s true, it could have been a no-call as well. But you’re wrong about Fall’s arms being straight up.

  9. Grimm LaStand says:

    Tacko Fall’s Draft Stock just went up… WAY UP. Truely an unstopable force down low and Good speed with his height. 2nd Round atleast.

    • J Z says:

      +insomthegreat I will bet you my house ($800k) that he won’t be drafted in the first. He is not on any NBA draft boards. Do you know why? Because he does NOT enjoy playing the game. He is a smart guy who is graduating with his engineering degree. The game takes a physical and mental toll on him. He has been playing on college for 5 years now and is a career 10 8 player. One game doesn’t change all of these things. First round?! SMH

    • Westbrookthegoat #42 says:

      +J Williams if boban can do it tacko can

    • J Williams says:

      +Westbrookthegoat #42 I never said he can’t do it, but his draft stock still ain’t high. Doubtful he will be good in the league

    • insomthegreat says:

      +J Z
      He’s too smart to end up a engineer before making a run in the NBA.

    • J Z says:

      +insomthegreat Show me ONE link to an NBA mock draft board that has him ANYWHERE on it. He is NOT an NBA level basketball player. NBA bigs will run circles around him. He can’t just camp in the paint. He can not make FT’s and can not shoot anything outside of 2 feet. This man has been playing college basketball for 4 years and hasn’t garnered any attention from NBA GM’s or scouts. Why is that? At 7’6″ it isn’t like he went under the radar. He is too slow for the modern NBA game. Add to all of this, Tacko has stated on many occasions that he doesn’t have a love for the game. Do we need another Anthony Bennett in the NBA?!

  10. NettSein says:

    It has been very entertaining. I am sad for UCF they showed a lot of heart.

  11. Wes Dean says:

    This is why people watch March Madness.

  12. Dingle Berry says:

    That tip between Zion and Tacko was hilarious

  13. Thejewishpeople says:

    Someone give this man Johnny Dawkins a medal. That defensive scheme he ran was masterful, and something only really FSU can emulate. So good. I feel like he out coached Coach K today, even with the loss.

    • Rodrigo Meza says:

      Thejewishpeople playing a 2-3 zone? They’ve seen the zone plenty of times this year. The difference was the 7’6 giant in the middle of the lane

    • Litty Titty says:

      Thejewishpeople what defensive scheme ? The only thing he did was letting tacko chill under the basket and letting his man shoot threes

    • Hold This L. Debarge says:

      who do you think taught Dawkins how to coach? answer:Coach K…. Dawkins is a great coach, Coach K is LEGEND tho…

    • cbshine says:

      Carline Matthews Trey can’t shoot he always missed “free shots” that’s why he’s always open that’s apart of the game plan when you play duke

    • JrMckoy says:

      Duke lead most of the game, lead by 8 a couple times… UCF played great, but Duke had a good game and overcame the gaint in the middle!

  14. Nikos says:

    Seahawks should of ran the ball.

  15. T AG says:

    This game is filled with future NBA stars!!!!

  16. Abaas Mohamed says:

    Imagine if RJ pulled a JR smith at the end???

  17. Duckboi479 says:

    I don’t love or hate either of these teams but that ending was heartbreaking

  18. Harambe’s Step Brother says:

    Even Tall people look like midgets next to Taco ?

    • Zion Muhammad says:


    • wild cat says:

      Yeah tacos big man and he got cheated at the end of that Duke game that fifth foul that filed him out should have never happened it should have never been called because ion charged before that happened he extended his arm he leaned in with this shoulder not the first guy down to the ground and then ran into taco so Zion was already fouled out before taco was but the referees didn’t call the charge on Zion go figure referees was always going to bail out Duke at the end if necessary and that’s what they did I know they still had a shot left and almost won the game anyway but that part the referees couldn’t stop but they already did enough for Duke to win when they didn’t call the charging foul against Zion and called the foul on taco because I on filed the guy before he even ran into taco he extended his arm and put his shoulder down that was a charge and then he bumped into taco and got taco his v file which it should have been Zions 5th he foul and should have been out of the game

    • Liam Glynn says:

      wild cat no the guy flopped

  19. Chrisgonepro says:

    Rumor has it JR Smith still thinks their up by 1.

  20. Mully says:

    Ok but can we give props to UCF’s bench celebrations in the second half? They were hilarious!

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