first song by Arya Safakish check him out; and

second song by Julian Avila

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20 Responses

  1. Anjana Chandra says:

    Can you share how you built up on running? How can you run for so long and
    not get injured or tired?

  2. ThreeeAngles says:

    Love your vlogs Casey, you’re so inspirational! :)

  3. MrBraceyface says:

    Use strava, it’s brilliant for cycling and running 

  4. Edward Larocque says:

    Hey Casey any tips for building my stamina during im running ?

  5. Newton Bryan says:

    please could u warn us if ur gonna show graphic cuts or anything again on
    ur vlogs bc i really cant deal with that kind of thing and i didnt expect
    it in this vlog

  6. lgiacomazzi says:

    what do you listen to while running?

  7. Joshua Hayward says:

    +CaseyNeistat you should use strava, just sayin….

  8. Amir Valdera says:

    FOR THE NEXT ONE Casey come by hamilton/Washington Heights in order to keep
    things fresh as well as showing off more parts of our gorgeous city. Later
    on exploring Brooklyn, Queens and last but not least The Bronx.

  9. Dave Arquiza says:

    as a runner, casey inspires me to run faster stronger and longer lmao

  10. MooseFactoryFilms says:

    yes! running is the best

  11. James .A says:

    I love the miniature effect

  12. loudDIFFERENCE says:

    at 8:34 whats with the shopped 4?

  13. MrXbox36097 says:


  14. Johan ousback says:

    Hey Casey, I’m a bit of a slob and I usually don’t remember to like your
    videos. Could u put an annotation up at the end?

    Ps i guess I could put a post it up….

  15. Madeem Jalil says:

    +CaseyNeistat What your favorite music to run too?

  16. Fireball Tim Lawrence says:

    Genius! You’re inspiring my vlog in Malibu, Casey! Keep it up!

  17. Joyce says:

    I love your vlogs, you’re filming so many things. And I love the way you’re
    filming. Oh, New York, love it!

  18. Ezra 125 says:

    Could you imagine moving out of nyc since you travel so much?

  19. MochaAndMoccasins says:

    yup, getting off my ass and going for a jog right now.

  20. Ryan Parent says:

    Casey is the man!