International Soda Taste Test

International Soda Taste Test

What country makes a creamy melon soda? Join us as we venture through this international soda taste test and try to guess where these sodas come from!  GMM #1389

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65 Responses

  1. regularwonderland says:

    Ya’ll keep saying Link doesn’t have killer instinct….Chase would beg to differ 😂

    • Unboxing Lps Mythical Jen says:

      regularwonderland YOUR SO LUCKY YOU GOT A LOVE AND A PIN FROM THE ONE AND ONLY RHETT AND LINK!!!!!!! (Sorry I’ve watched them ever since there first video and never got a love or a pin, probably because I got a YouTube channel two years ago.)

    • Shannen Williams says:

      Yeah knowing Link, Chase is probably gonna go home with at least about three or four darts in him

    • Daxian Preston says:

      Wisconsin’s signature soda is beer.

    • Daxian Preston says:

      He has good instincts but he chooses to go against them.

    • Michal Motyčka says:

      If you watch all the episodes of this game, you would know he has all the rights to be scarred (and he got almost hit again). Also, I got hit by a dart into my thigh. It’s not as fun as it sounds. Actually quite the opposite…

  2. Melanie Sullivan says:

    Loved getting a personal shout-out! XO, Melanie

  3. DeathTripp1355 says:

    GMM MORE?! there is more than Good Mythical More?

  4. Ryan says:

    No Irn Bru? 🤔

  5. joesaint82 says:

    “I’m always feeling Estonia” we’re just going to gloss over that? Lol

  6. S h i n y says:

    International soup, when? 🍜

  7. Average Squares says:

    I’m from India and I’ve never drank or heard of Kashmira ever

  8. David says:

    This is by far one my favorite games that they play on GMM, however something always irks me about the way the darts are measured. As of right now, Chase is using the “Flat Earth” model to measure the darts, and uses the map as if it was a flat surface instead of measuring from the perspective of a globe.
    To use an example, when in the Jamaica round Rhett should have been closer, as his dart near japan was actually closer than the dart in the Asia continent from Link.
    Keep up the great work. They’re good dogs, Brent.

    • Matt P. says:

      David that’s actually very true

    • crumbworks says:

      In one episode (maybe the 4th time they played this?), Link brought this up and his score was reduced by about 20. It wasn’t enough to bridge the gap, but the point is: they at least ACKNOWLEDGED this in a past episode…. but not since.

    • Karla Horvat says:

      Even though this is true, it’s more about the skill of the game. If Link and Rhett are both aiming towards Australia, but Link totally misses and hits Mexico, it’s not fair to count it as closer than Rhett who may have hit India. It’s about where they intend to hit, and for that purpose their using a flat surface.

    • Moonmine 6 says:

      If they changed it to that, they would make the game way more complicated than it needs to be.

    • Ashlyn Moors says:

      The Earth is flat though so they’re right.

  9. Toomflr says:

    Link is actually out to kill chase

  10. Simpatico says:

    INCA KOLA OMFG. I’m half Peruvian and I’m so happy that you guys tasted the liquid gold!

  11. Mallorie Louann says:

    Link will win again someday XD

  12. Krammit says:

    PLOS more of these games!!!! maybe.. candy edition? Water edition (would be very hard). or the simple edition, Main exported fruit edition. ooo a twist… the most IMPORTED edition.. that would be difficult. .. Love you guys. and GMM crew, Ill never forget you.

  13. Melanie Aki says:

    as a Melanie this is my fav episode

  14. ragingfiip says:

    10:10 Wooooaaaah, that’s different. They actually cut to Stevie this time. I wonder why they decided to switch things up.

  15. ragingfiip says:

    11:10 LoL…. Rhett had the most delayed laugh ever.

  16. bahar owl says:

    dough is good with kebab
    thanks for trying it^_^ your fan from Iran

  17. ruuspap says:

    I’m irrationally excited about Estonia being mentioned in GMM

  18. ehsan ghassemkhani says:

    Dough is awesome; mythical beast from Iran here. Keep it up GMM #BYMB

  19. Edmund Snow says:

    I noticed that Canada was on the board and wanted to suggest a pop flavour that is great and that is Birch Beer from Newfoundland. It tastes like a mix between cream soda and root beer.

  20. FruitAnnihilator says:

    I had Inca Kola while I was in Peru this past Christmas. The locals ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

    • Maria Garcia says:

      We do! I could drink it every day. Also, we now have a purple corn soda that is the fizzy version of the beverage named “chicha morada.” Hope you liked your stay in Peru!!

    • Parrots are Super says:

      I always bring some back then we go to Peru. The business I work at does a lot of business there so we go often. Chica Is pretty great too

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