Interview interrupted

Interview interrupted

What happens when you’re doing an important interview about the political situation in South Korea and your children come into the room. That’s their Mum restoring order…

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20 Responses

  1. Panasonic A1-ST says:

    Having a cat is not much different.

  2. annapannache says:

    lol the baby in the walker was the best part

  3. Hector Kayman says:

    Man, children are savages???

  4. Effi Shen says:

    notice he didn’t move cos he wasn’t wearing pants

  5. Omar Khan says:

    The baby in walker is like, “I guess we’re going in here then.” Honesty though, doesn’t his door have a lock?

  6. Jasmin Aviles says:

    OMG…I’M DYING?? I work from home and that’s me trying to talk with a client!!! this just made my day… and why he didn’t get up to attend the situation??? well bet he is in shorts with bare feet ? or worse!!!

  7. пан Жека says:

    ну мог бы детям и больше внимания уделить, больше собрал бы зрительских симпатий. а так бревно бесчувственное, чёрств к своим детям, чего ожидать по отношению к чужим людям

  8. RENEHIKO (朝の外人) says:

    why didn’t they let the children be in the room? They didn’t make any noise, they were just there.

  9. jacksondinky2eds says:

    Coming in like a boss

  10. Nicki Pettersen says:

    This is the funniest thing I have seen in ages!!!! The first kid is hilarious, but then the baby rolls in – hahahaha. Love the ice skating slide by the wife! Never work with kids and animals 😀 Don’t over-analyse it people 🙂

  11. Also Yes says:

    Children are just the worst. Scientists, find a way to skip the first 18 years please.

  12. DecaSpace says:

    What a charismatic father… Embrace fatherhood! Go viral because you hugged your child and walked her/him out of the room to the person taking care of him/her… not because you pushed them away without even looking at her/him!!! The lady then comes and zaps the poor innocent kid out – getting hit by the table in the way… DUDE, ARE YOU NAKED BELOW THE BELT THAT YOU COULDN’T GET UP!?

  13. Radoslava R says:

    Locking the door when having an interview would help..

  14. Y9Power says:

    The child is screaming because the door closed and she wanted to be in the room. My kids are the same way. They are fine, when you berate them.. but when you take something away.. that’s when you get the screaming.

  15. pedro 日本 says:

    next time lock the door hahaha

  16. YabguNizamPasha says:

    This man is absolutely unscrupulous.

  17. Abdalaziz80 says:

    People in the comment section are screaming “child abuse”, “terrible dad”, and “terrible woman”. All while judging that she is a nanny and an immigrant who stole someone’s job. In fact, she is their mother and her husband is the immigrant one. they are in South Korea. Try to look at your flaws before attacking others, people!

  18. Devon Armouf says:

    that father is a pic of shit and that nanny is a one too assholes

  19. john snow says:

    dat baby walked in on his stroller like “its lit af in here”

  20. Dr Shahoo says:

    Omg all 3 entries were priceless!

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