Interviewing the Head of YouTube Business

Interviewing the Head of YouTube Business

thank you Robert and YouTube for making this happen. I hope this is the first of many.

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  1. The Andy Tran Episodes says:

    I don’t know if my comment will be seen but here goes, I was waiting to watch this video and had high hopes, but really although this youtube executive seems like a good person, he’s the embodiment of lack of communication from youtube.

    His answers were vague, and most of the time it was nothing but tip-toeing around the actual question. He speaks a lot but he really isn’t saying anything at all, and every time he answers a question it leaves me even more confused than before, exactly like youtube’s overall communication.

    I love this platform i really do, although I’m a tiny tiny youtuber, but I see where this platform is going and I know that a lot of big time youtubers realize that youtube is going to go downhill soon. Everything rises and falls, and youtube has been rising for for so long.

    There’s increasing guidelines, increasing lack of communication, increasing rules, regulations, and censorship.

    Youtube is the biggest platform for media of all time however, as it increases in size, it increases in censorship and restrictions, the platform is prioritizing its advertisers, giving them information, providing them routes, and siding with them, while creators, the core of this platform, are being kept in the dark.

    This platform is dying slowly, and as of now there is no competition. So really, makng internet videos itself, is slowly dying.

    • Saketh says:

      The Andy Tran Episodes might be in America mate. It’s killing in other countries.

    • Cynthia Ryan says:

      I heard you, I am terrified you’re right! There are so many great things this platform has done, but many more wasted opportunities! The conversation now has to move to the creators, please don’t let it die. There is so much know how and true POWER with the creators if they come together even the “all powerful” you tube would have no way to fight that kind of movement.

    • Le WHam0 says:

      Problem is: there’s no solid alternatives to youtube. Every market needs competition otherwise the customers will suffer. If a single company rules all the market, it will enforce watever policicy it wants, to it’s customers and they won’t be able to do anything because there’s no alternatives. Thus, YouTube needs competition or it will continue it’s stalinist regime.

  2. Ditte Lange says:

    So this was a great start, but at the end of the day Casey isn’t an interviewer. I have great respect for Casey as an artist, but this isn’t exactly his strong suit. I would have preferred if Philip Defranco had been doing the interviewing, but I don’t think that’ll ever happen, because Youtube know that he isn’t going to let up until he gets the truth, and that he won’t be satisfied with an angled PR response.

  3. a J says:

    In India we call this “gyaan Dena” gibberish.

    • Good Man says:

      ToXiC M4RKEL we call your country an absolute piece of shit.

    • Good Goyim says:

      So when whites go to other countries its colonization but when non-whites come to white countiries its immigration and you cant “fight over whos living where”? Nature is darwinian. You are a tribal group actinig in the interest of yourself and your group for your benefits. You arent some rational beacon of wisdom and brilliance. You are little more than monkey throwing feces at a foreign tribe.

    • Good Goyim says:

      This is what you call invasion and genocide. When non whites win, they take from whites, when whites win at best they are only allowed to have a “values” system. Who wins? a 5 year old can understand basic evolutionary science.

    • Gary Oak says:

      CubesFTW what does the harm is calling racism into everything. cough cough. offense is taken not given

  4. Mike Woodward says:

    Very soft interview.

  5. PAT - Manufacturing Solutions says:

    Thanks so much for opening access to the managers and operators of YouTube. Sadly, i don’t feel this guy has any real knowledge or experience to share with the actual creators about the platform. All they know is that they need more creators. Its all about the money… But thats the way it goes. YouTube is a business that wants to make a profit and thats fine. I think a neutral platform that is owned and managed by the community could go a long way.

    • Ulises Calvo says:

      that is crazy

    • ReadyToGo says:

      Ulises Calvo, I believe the reason you have low revenue is because most of your videos are not in English, and unfortunately most advertisers target English speakers (because their ads are in English). Also I would assume most of your videos are being watched outside of North America, which is where the most advertisers on the platform want to market to. Unfortunately your issue is an issue of it’s own which should be addressed separately (supporting non-english content on the platform).

      Also Vic Speaks, I am not sure why you are being so arrogant, you should try to shift to a more positive outlook on life. Ulises was just sharing his experience on the platform you don’t need to go around telling him his content is shit, look who’s talking mister 12 subscribers and no content.

    • Nizam Ali Niju Niju says:

      PAT – Manufacturing Solutions for a

  6. DevileR says:

    No disrespect, Casey, but you had an opportunity to ask Youtube whatever we needed, and you only asked him like 5 questions? What about Music creators? What about Animators? All our chanels are basicly dead now, because we don’t publish a lot of thing everyday/everyweek. Its takes a lot of effort to shoot something. Nowadays you can’t just put up a music with some picture and pretend its a video, you have to put a lot of effort in it and be creative, be interesting.
    What about the demonetizations? A lot of this shit happens to me, where all of my content is original and can’t possibly offend anyone, but somehow after 2-3 views my video is already being flagged.
    Robert, why small creators should suffer from mistakes of 2 biggest dummies on youtube like Poods and Logan?

    • bunbundabunni says:

      DevileR i don’t know how many musicians and artists rely on youtube to garner attention, but I definitely find the most up and coming stuff on newgrounds, soundcloud, twitter, twitch, ig, and recommendations from fellow raids on youtube lives (order from most new stuff to least from my personal observation). You can’t really rely on youtube to help socialize sadly, since all they have for you are recommendations (which half of them are based on browsing habits and not necessarily exploring new things). The community within youtube seems kinda… bad… compared to say, twitch creative (one of the most tight knit imo). And you can’t even send a decent direct message to socialize on youtube, unlike twitter or IG. And newgrounds makes finding new creators so much easier. Like youtube has so much against it, besides the massive audience for established people and monetization. I do hope you find your community, though, because you have some nice things going on!
      But if ya do wanna find a nice community to start off with, ya might like blake robinson’s synthetic orchestra. He has a discord and a lively yt livestream on the weekends to have fun and chat and share tips! Good luck to ya tho, as a fellow straggler on da interwebz ;u;

    • DevileR says:

      Thanks a lot, my man! <3

    • SR TALKS says:

      pooods did nothing wrong.
      can’t say that about Logan

  7. John Basedow says:

    Nice job getting the conversation started, though this interview left a lot of unanswered and half answered questions. Still, dealing with YouTube for most non-Casey folk, is basically like shouting into the woods…so getting any type of real responses from one of the powers that be, instead of just a useless form letter reply, is a significant step forward. πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’―

  8. MrMattsMedia says:

    1. He didn’t say anything new
    2. We didn’t learn anything new
    3. This interview was lame

  9. Pranay Pathole says:

    I have been making videos related to tech which include reviews and tutorials from like 2 years and still at 333 subscribers, and now facing this demonization scenario is disheartening and YouTube is definitely not supportive when is comes to SEO and discovery of a smaller creator. Pls YouTube and Robert take more actions on smaller creators which is on their side

  10. Joshua Daniel says:

    Really interesting video! Hats off to Robert Kyncl for doing this!

  11. Arcadius Kul says:

    So – all the video is about the book ad ? sneaky! is Casey part of the system ???

  12. Fun With The Bugs says:

    Confused about the ads with the small guys and satisfying the advertisers. Isn’t it the big guys angering the advitisers that keeps making you take action and for some reason the action that continues to be taken is against the small guys who have nothing to do with it. Doesn’t make sense.

    • MakingBabyTaylor says:

      Jo Fisher except that they’re forgetting that there are thousands of us who HAVE been around for years and have hundreds of videos posted and have never broken any rules (official or unofficial) and yet we are getting lumped in too and losing partnership when they should have been able to establish by now that we are β€œsafe”

    • Drina Dayz says:

      We totally agree with this, We have have the views and subscribers but the watch time seems pretty hard to hit. They should have setup something where channel could get grandfather in after doing it for so long

    • The Shenanigans says:


  13. The Crypto Guy says:

    What a wasted opportunity. This was all fluff and nothing tough!

  14. Justin O'Brien says:

    DEMONITIZED for controversial content…

  15. Taekhyun Lee says:

    I thought Casey was better than this, disappointed.

  16. JustOneForAll says:

    Amazon Tube is coming guys. Apple Tube is coming. YouTube your time of King of the Throne is going to be challenged.

  17. Patrik says:

    Wasted opportunity imho.

  18. Funny 4 says:

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  19. Free Template Maker says:

    man, 99% of the partners will be ban… you know how much money YouTube will get from them?!!
    it’s not about they have less than 100$/year, but that they are millions who have 70 to 80$ in their Google Adsense, that YouTube will take from them (the ones who want to get their money, they have to pay 10$ (WTF) to YouTube, and get off from the program)
    YouTube had a great idea to get back the money it loosed from advisors in 2017, by eating what small youtubers won in this year…
    we all know that 4000hrs and 1k subs it’s hard for the real creators, but not hard at all for stupid videos…
    people who don’t care can just share a striptease teen video with a beautiful Ass as thumbnails, and u’ll get ur 4000hrs view in a week… so don’t tell me that YouTube is thinking about a great contents from the creators!!!! YouTube knows that its new rules don’t work at all for what it claims!!

    • SR TALKS says:

      Free Template Maker
      The truth is YouTube doesn’t give a shit about you if your channel is wrong , which is not right.
      You can resume earning once you hit the monetization mark .

      Because YouTube has no viable competitor , they don’t need to worry

  20. Chase Charaba says:

    Most of my questions weren’t answered in this interview. Casey did a great job trying to ask questions, but he moved on too quickly. When I interview people and I don’t get a clear answer, I ask the question again. You have to be somewhat aggressive sometimes to get the answers you need. Also, why the book plug?

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