Introducing Google Gnome

Introducing Google Gnome

The smart yard has finally arrived — Meet Google Gnome. See how Gnome can transform your yard:

(Netflix streaming membership required.)

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20 Responses

  1. Garrick Groover says:

    April Fools is tomorrow Google.

  2. Truls Årseth Olsen says:

    for some reason that voice reminds me of Rick & Morty

  3. max says:

    um why do all you americans not know that time zones exist just asking

  4. ZooStudio says:

    I mean it was uploaded on 31st of march and not the April 1st..m

  5. Randomizate XD says:

    this is real? or its a prank?

  6. TheChimichanga2468 says:

    I wonder how many people don’t know it’s an April fools joke.

  7. Blooming Heart says:


  8. Electrical Projects says:

    That music actually is pretty cool, what band that was?

  9. XcraunsherX says:

    love it, will buy it XD

  10. xX_BMO22swegmachine420_Xx says:

    *seems like Google finally learned how to make good ads without loud autistic screeching in the background*

  11. neil here says:


  12. Ethan Tufts says:

    Is this an April Fools day Joke? Or can I actually buy this? I want it!

  13. SKM says:

    Fool’s day ?

  14. TheFrozenGamer says:

    April fools day joke uploaded on the wrong day

  15. CuttingEdges says:

    April Fool’s jokes are funnier when the videos/jokes take themselves seriously. This feels too much like a parody.

  16. Kelvin Bun says:

    still a better innovation than apple

  17. ReallyExpert says:

    They should’ve called it Google Keemstar

  18. Sid P says:

    last times snoop doggs was better

  19. Lordious says:

    I was actually waiting for google’s April 1’st joke, they always put a lot of work into it.

  20. Muniz Football says:

    Never knew Keemstar got sponsored by Google.

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