Introducing PhotoScan by Google Photos

Introducing PhotoScan by Google Photos

Photos from the past, meet scanner from the future. Get the new PhotoScan app by Google Photos, available now on Android and soon on iOS.
Get it on the Play Store: ( and App Store: (

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20 Responses

  1. Aaditya Bawkar says:

    exclusive to pixel ? coz i CAN’T find this in play store…

  2. david marsden says:

    why is it available on iOS 1st??

  3. Brian McLaughlin says:

    This is pretty slick. I’m going to try it when i get home. I have a shoebox
    of photos I’ve been putting off scanning on my huge scanner because of how
    long it takes. Wonder how it compares in terms of quality in real world
    use. Guess I know what I’m doing tonight!

  4. Alphie Och says:

    haven’t heard this song in awhile

  5. Big Chunky Bubbles says:

    I want to know who the voice actress in this ad is, ’cause i wanna date
    her. NOW.

  6. Devo Fauzan Rahman says:

    uuuh….what’s the difference with other scanner apps?

  7. Bidwat Raj Pokhrel says:

    Finally something really useful

  8. Slaythan says:

    This ad was actually so well done haha

  9. Buried With You says:


  10. SmexyRula says:

    goddammit Google has a good marketing department

  11. DrN0rd says:

    That’s pretty damn cool actually.

  12. Allen Rodriguez says:

    google never fails to amaze me

  13. Artem Kovyrkov says:

    That Chiddy Bang track in the back tho ?

  14. DakyGamma says:


  15. Andrew Harley says:

    Great advert, very well done. I love the realism and the humor that was
    integrated into it. Google (Alphabet?), make more ads like this! Also,
    fantastic app idea, will definitely try it out soon.

  16. Ricky T says:

    My old photo doesn’t run on Android, will that be a problem?

  17. hold up says:

    Am I the only one who likes actual physical thick family photo albums? one
    virus/ crash and all your life’s hardwork is deleted.
    I actually got a Polaroid camera and do this stupid thing of taking one
    picture of me and the ppl I’m travelling with on a vacation and do not take
    it with a digital camera. I don’t know why but it becomes special by not
    having any copy.

  18. Jesse Martineau says:

    yes please. Installed.

  19. VivaGamer1 says:

    wow finally google makes something useful again …

  20. Cats - PulluPdotClub (PulluP) says:

    Welp, now goggles is going to know everyone I’m even closely related to or
    have ever taken a photo with! (((they probably already do, but still)))