Introducing PlayStation Flow | April Fools Video

Introducing PlayStation Flow | April Fools Video

Ariel Ingannare, Wearable Tech Manager, PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology introduces a watershed moment in wearable technology; PlayStation Flow

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20 Responses

  1. Kornel says:

    Chm… niby żart ale takie opaski ruchowe to nie jest zły pomysł. No i
    virtualgogle w takim rozmiarze :D

  2. frantisek petrasek says:

    You made fool out of me !!! Profesionaly done , good job ,what do you have
    in store for 1.4.2016 ? Prometheus ?!!! Can’t wait :-)

  3. ameen atroshi says:


  4. Maxx B says:

    I’d buy that!

  5. Kable says:

    more lame than microsoft’s msdos joke.

  6. Christopher Karl says:

    Lol funny

  7. Fed47 says:

    Fish of April?

  8. HellsBirdie says:

    PS Vita is still the best joke sony ever had.

  9. Ed Ward says:

    É un pesce d’aprile di sicuro

  10. Italo haas Pascoli says:

    i need this please sell this

  11. ZEeduardo94 says:

    Oh my God! This is amazing!

  12. Lucas R.D.S says:

    Mas que ia ser foda ter, isso ía kkkkkkkkkk

  13. Hades948 says:

    This would be pretty cool

  14. David Farrell says:

    This video is on my play station maybe it is real

  15. Jet Jetson says:

    LOL oh god xD Go Sony! Best fool ever!

  16. George Katsiyiannis says:

    The dryer thingy would be a best seller!

  17. alan mcknockiter says:


  18. ASSETHD says:

    I was getting so excited. But I didn’t read the title :(

  19. Scooterdad Yo says:


  20. Евгений Линник says:

    N1 joke -_-