Introducing Stephen’s New Lifestyle Brand

Introducing Stephen’s New Lifestyle Brand

Stephen isn’t just a celebrity, he’s a brand. Which means it’s high time he launched his own line of expensive, random things. Presented by New York Life

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20 Responses

  1. Charles Fish says:

    Unlike me I never had a me to tell me what I like. :D

  2. Ricardo Toureiro says:

    This is probably completely subjective but I think the reason I’m not
    enjoying this show (and lots of other ppl too apparently) despite liking
    Stephen is because other shows of this kind feel like the host is there for
    us. To entertain us, to inform us or simply keep us company. It’s a subtle
    inference but it feels like this show is all about Stephen’s character and
    that isn’t resonating.

  3. populousmass says:

    Colbert is nailing it in all aspects of late night! He gets a mix of
    guests, Politicians, Anthropologists, Celebrities, Comedians and actually
    asks them thoughtful questions. His monologues are laugh out loud funny,
    and these skits are comedic gold. I knew he would do well, but this is
    truly top shelf entertainment.

  4. smashingpumpkin3 says:

    YES!!!! Stephen you had me crying, this was too funny!

  5. snyderkurva says:

    That was awesome!

  6. Ксения Веринчук says:

    He looks so much like Colin Firth in these glasses!

  7. Buenomars says:

    I’m Commander Shepard and this is… MY BRAND!

  8. JimmyKingster says:

    Stephen is already up there with Conan at the top in my opinion. Such a
    brilliant mind and comedian!

    • squanto2 says:

      +MertensCW He is raising the bar WAY beyond what any other late night show
      is capable of.

    • MertensCW says:

      Both are awesome. For as much as i’ve always loved Conan i really respect
      Colbert’s guest list.

      He should continue to bring in politicians and the like on the show.

  9. ZeitLan Inc. says:

    I liked the Rolex better.

  10. Kina Qiu says:

    The best

  11. zcizzorhandz says:

    Mitt Romney WTF lmao

  12. ElmoTinker says:

    lol this guy

  13. Topher S says:

    Polo centaur ftw.

  14. Bob Linton says:


  15. Sara JJ says:


    Omg! This really had me laughing.
    “Bless your heart”, Stephen – you are the perfect ironic southern

  16. Runsta says:

    I want to know what alan rickman would sell now….

  17. escalinci says:

    So, he wants us to want the things he is wont to want us to want?

  18. Advaita says: