Introducing The New Voice Of Waze, Stephen Colbert

Introducing The New Voice Of Waze, Stephen Colbert

Stephen never goes out for a drive without his Waze app. And now that his voice is one of the options, he knows he’s getting directions he can trust.

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20 Responses

  1. fumetsu Akumetsu says:

    thumbs down

  2. Kate says:

    I checked on Waze and now I can’t decide if I want Stephen or Neil Patrick
    Harris as the voice.

  3. Waterflame says:

    I was so excited when I opened my app this morning, and saw that I had the
    option to change my nav voice to Stephen Colbert!! I hope I can keep his
    voice forever!!!

  4. Jack Puisis says:

    Strange… 0:37 – 1:04. I walked that street yesterday! Randolph street in
    Chicago! Too bad Colbert was driving an invisible car. Would’ve love to
    have met the guy.

  5. Michael Stevenson says:

    Nobody cares. Get a life and start doing your show… Until then: your just
    crying for attention.

  6. fedos says:

    Shared to Facebook only because a right wing family member recently
    complained about “Stephen Colbert and his stupid face” showing up in his

  7. John Westcott says:

    This guy is gonna fuckin rule late night.

  8. Mohammed Uddin says:

    Waze technology is built into google maps so if you already use google maps
    no need to install the app

  9. bill52600 says:

    what did i just watch

  10. pentaquine says:

    seriously? where can I get it?

  11. spongedue says:

    This is amazing! Now I can fulfill my Stephen fetish in the car too!

  12. KlipKultur5 says:


  13. MissionSparta says:

    Clicking your app brings me to iTunes. I’d rather set myself on fire while
    being gang taped by a pack of rabid wolverines that use an Apple product.
    Drop dead.

  14. asderfty says:

    google should let you use waze voices for google now

  15. Timothy Joe says:

    I want to laugh cause I think Colbert is a good guy but I just have a hard
    time finding anything he does funny

  16. Curtis Grantham says:

    what about echo amazon