Introducing the self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands

Introducing the self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands

This spring, Google is introducing the self-driving bicycle in Amsterdam, the world’s premier cycling city. The Dutch cycle more than any other nation in the world, almost 900 kilometres per year per person, amounting to over 15 billion kilometres annually. The self-driving bicycle enables safe navigation through the city for Amsterdam residents, and furthers Google’s ambition to improve urban mobility with technology. Google Netherlands takes enormous pride in the fact that a Dutch team worked on this innovation that will have great impact in their home country.

Find out how this project was created in this ‘making of’ video:

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20 Responses

  1. tmcdgreen says:

    The most believable April Fool’s ad…

  2. Rowan Meggs says:

    At the end of the video, the little girl looks like she’s adopted the bike
    as her new mother.

  3. Victoria Oppel says:


  4. Beautiful - Living Nightmares says:

    Very funny Google. I almost thought this was real until I looked closer at
    when it was available <-<. I bet you really excited all the lazy people out there XD

  5. Santiago Albarracín says:

    Jaja happy April 1st

  6. GranVlog says:

    If you just gave it a big box in the middle of the frame with a big 3 axis
    mechanical gimbal it would work. Just have a lot of mass spinning.

  7. Bo Lorentzen says:

    So brilliant.!

  8. Fortell Games says:

    April fools

  9. says:


  10. MannionGames says:

    Damn Google back at it again with another cool invention!!!!!

  11. Cedric Massigoge says:

    Enough april fools cancer

  12. LosingxReligion says:

    Numbers of obese people rise

  13. stinky slinky says:

    That would be soooo easy to steal!

  14. Sebastian Hurtado says:

    Is this an April fools joke

  15. imran says:

    Pick you up where ever you are? Im a steal it before it gets to you darling

  16. VoltxFTW says:

    How lazy have we become? really? self-moving bikes!

  17. Alfian Alf says:

    really amazing technologist

  18. Doctor Why Bother says:

    How do i order it

  19. Delta Shmelta says:

    April fools ya fools

  20. Turtwig Gaming says: