See Ted’s plan to stop illegal immigration at

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20 Responses

  1. torrey woolbright says:

    fuck you ted cruz. your a crook like the rest of them

  2. Hockey Bro K says:

    Being an avid fan of hockey and maple syrup, I expected better from
    Canadians. Yes, it was a hilarious video, but I doubt that was his goal

  3. Homer Simon says:

    fuck yeah murica

  4. jowston100 says:

    Wow. What a great ad.

  5. Coyote Hunter says:

    Ted Cruz is Canadian

  6. MrIQmex says:

    Eres un grandíssimo pendejo Cruz… Hasta por el apellido es obvio que
    tienes raíces latinas.

  7. TheWincking says:

    Good thing Cruz will never be president

  8. David Beckham says:

    Lol people who are saying this is a good ad. This is stupid because lawyers
    and bankers ARE NOT coming across! The poor people are taking undesired
    jobs and making a better life for themselves who the fuck cares let them.

  9. Tamara Simon says:

    If he is elected president he would probably be the number 1 cause of ww3.
    This is the most confusing yet poorly made ad ever.

  10. MrGcat45 says:

    this whole 2016 election is a shit show. makes me want to run over the
    border into canada

  11. Trinityyyx says:

    Lmao why does every fucking libtard idiot think just because we want a safe
    and secure border and immigration system we’re racist? I know tons of
    Mexicans who agree, a more secure border only does positives for
    America. Ted-Cruz is Hispanic himself.

  12. Ronda ArouseMe says:

    This is literally the Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen ??

  13. Spraguemos says:

    I’m a conservative (not in today’s media sense), where I believe anybody
    should be allowed to come into The United States and drive the people who
    were born here, out. Because The United States isn’t about just being born
    here and working, it is the opportunity that anybody, from any part of the
    world, can create something and pursue their own form of happiness.

    I don’t want lazy people in this Country (including people who were born
    here); and people who come into this country (legally or illegally)
    generally work pretty damn hard to create something of their own.

    That’s something conservatives ‘used’ to believe, when conservatives were
    actually conservatives.

  14. Giancarlo Velazco says:

    I honestly don’t think a wall would help, just saying. Someone needs a
    better tactic. Anyone can build a wall.

  15. Vulpesio says:

    I’m fucking dead laughing, but great ad though.

  16. NapoleonExploded says:

    It’s a good thing Cruz isn’t black because that whole being born in Canada
    thing would be a much bigger deal. His father immigrated from Cuba and he
    was born in Canada so the next logical step is to stop immigrants from
    entering our nation. Cruz 2016!!

  17. Jared Wohn says:

    funny cause he’s an immigrant. he’s from Canada lmao

  18. Marc Gerhold says:

    Boy I tell you what… Is bout damn time we got these illegals out our damn

  19. Janet Corrales says:

    is he mad that the people that crossed to u.s is not smart and there not
    doctor or lawyer…get the fuck out of here

  20. Carla Santiago says:

    So ridiculous.