iPhone 11 Impressions: A Familiar Sequel!

iPhone 11 Impressions: A Familiar Sequel!

iPhone 11 is actually… CHEAPER than the XR it replaces. What a time to be alive.

iPhone 11 Pro video: https://youtu.be/5krV47BLyoQ

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62 Responses

  1. Sandeep Gupta says:

    “That’s probably the first and the last time I will ever use the word Slofies”

  2. Alex Coman says:

    Apple how about you take that top bezel down a notch.

  3. Tanbir NR says:

    This time iPhone camera design is worst design if this year.This iPhone is only one thing has chage thai is Two to Tripile camera and cam quality and brand new Apple bionic A 12 chep performance

  4. Abhishek Parihar says:

    Pixel- we have the deepest notch
    Apple- our customers have the deepest pockets

  5. Prince Mandal says:

    Apple: Let’s introduce something game changing in iPhone 11.
    *Puts fidget spinner at the back.*
    Crowd: Whhhoaaa!

  6. Utkarssh B says:

    0:53 Same Notch, Same screen, Same buttons, same everything but…
    Different price

  7. KRATO KAT says:

    The comment section is gonna be full of roasts and you know it

  8. A R says:

    *Its sad when a talking point of the new iPhone is the moving of the apple logo down a little…*

  9. azukii says:

    They just took the XR styling and put a second camera lol xd

  10. Moudire Ifan says:

    Marquee has a very refined sense of humor.
    I love his unique way of tackling different subjects.
    Class !

  11. thebag2787 says:

    Better off Buying a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro for about 350 euros

  12. Abdul Rehman says:

    Iphone 11 models are all about cameras nothing else

  13. な6IXLXRD says:

    Here I am watching this like I actually have the money to afford an iPhone.

  14. Khadija Napari says:

    Apple: introduces new phone
    Me: still saving for iPhone 8

  15. Rangarajan Kesavan says:

    iPhone 11
    You can shoot 1080p video but sadly your phone cannot play at 1080p


    • keco185 says:

      Eventus Vantos the Xr and 11 use LCD displays instead of OLED so they can probably get brighter. One of the biggest down sides to OLED tech is poor performance at high brightness.

    • Darius Carvalho says:

      Rangarajan Kesavan Just wanted to let you know it’s 828p

    • Aaron Anderson says:

      @Rangarajan Kesavan There is a difference but it’s very miniscule. Either way apps are more optimized for iPhones and therefore usually look better. I’m probably going to get some version of the iPhone 11 just for the atmostphere and the experience. I love my s9 but it just feels dated compared to most people owning an iPhone.

    • blyat says:

      @Darius Carvalho But youtube has no 828p option so youtube videos are 720p

    • keco185 says:

      Darius Carvalho it’s 1792×828 so in the long direction 1080p is only 7% higher resolution than the screen on the xr and 11

  16. Slitherr says:

    The only thing that surprised me was the prices not the phones.

  17. Hurricane says:

    dang marques you really improved your editing skills, you even added an extra camera to the iPhone XR

  18. T Sivils says:

    So underwhelming. ? the joke about apple rereleasing the same phone year after year has never been more true

  19. Jorge Alberto says:

    Apple: Here, have some trypophobia
    People: I’ll take 5!

  20. Apurva Dewan says:

    *720p display*
    Shoots *4k at 60fps*
    With 64 gb storage ?

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