iPhone 6S Aluminum Bend Test

iPhone 6S Aluminum Bend Test

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 Aluminum
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It appears that the iPhone 6S (and likely the iPhone 6s Plus) will be made out of a completely different alloy than the iPhone 6. Based on the evidence gathered it’s likely that the upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will utilize a stronger 7000 series aluminum. This change will likely produce a more durable iPhone but it may be more costly to produce.

Big thanks to those that made this video possible.
dbrand – https://dbrand.com/
Elemental Controls – http://www.elementalcontrols.com/
Sonny Dickson – https://twitter.com/sonnydickson

More information on aluminum and alloys – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium_alloy

More information on XRF Analyzers –

Helpful research on this exact topic –

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20 Responses

  1. ron calvin says:

    my dick could bend like that

  2. nani1962 says:

    I like Lewis videos but the hole bend gate thing has made his ego go
    through the roof. Just make a t-shirt saying I exposed bend gate and out
    the back have watergate ain’t shit

  3. Roderick Torres says:

    fuck your bend video

  4. aram rajabpour says:

    do you live in Canada?

  5. nick etpick says:

    Good job was verry interesting!!

  6. season says:

    Too damn scientific just bend the fucking phone 

  7. Rhiner Guzman says:

    Why you dont give me one
    If you gonna do that lol

  8. Jimmy Reboudo says:

    Blinded me with science

  9. DBergin says:

    Is the new back plate on every iPhone 6 and 6+ or just the gold?

  10. Tyler Walter says:

    At least apple can fix some things wrong with their phones

  11. Alvin Cornelius says:

    Yeah! Science bitch!

  12. xVeenom says:

    So is aluminum not supposed to bend?

  13. Tyler Eberhardt says:

    Lewis, you are literally a genius. Keep doing your thing dude. From
    unboxing headphones, to literally changing the way apple makes their
    phones, I’ve been following you this whole time. I’ve gotta say, you still
    have that classy, personal touch that a lot of reviewers can lose. I’m glad
    you’re still reviewing. Keep making videos man.

  14. William Plimmer says:

    Soooooooooo boring, I literally don’t understand who finds this watchable.
    It’s JUST a phone

  15. Imran Khan says:

    Backoff this shit got science.

  16. SoN1NjA says:

    Just watch the ‘Apple Watch – Aluminum’ video, it explains how they make
    their 7000 series aluminum

  17. DiehlGames says:

    To anyone saying this was irrelevant in the first place, I have several
    friends with 6’s that have bent. They wear athletic shorts and keep their
    phones in their side pockets. None of them are particularly rough on their
    phones. In normal, day-to-day use, their phones bent pretty drastically in
    a period of months. It’s enough that the volume buttons have gaps from the
    metal bending around them. While it didn’t make the phones unusable, it was
    apparent enough that people would always point it out. A phone that STARTS
    at $649 shouldn’t be bending in your pocket.

  18. Stoyan Nikolov says:

    So Apple made the new iPhone not easily bendable as it was supposed to be
    by default on a first place, well done!

  19. golom1408 says:

    great video and we hope to see more of this test in other phone’s shells.

  20. Ömer Oğuz Taşkan says:

    Thank you for this best UnboxTherapy video Lewis.