iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s

Weibo posted video comparing iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s, as found at http://www.nowhereelse.fr/iphone-7-vs-iphone-6s-photos-114689/

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20 Responses

  1. Joba Fett says:

    I’ll stick with my LG Chocolate for now.

  2. Lexus Cohen says:

    It’s presented by an Asian guy so I say this is an eyefone.

  3. Yung Metro says:

    nah I just got the iPhone 6s fuck

  4. ChizzleMyNizzle says:

    Piece of shit. I’d rather have the 6

  5. Anthony beninati says:

    Ding dong Ching chong put some fucking subtitles on that shit

  6. MajesticBadger says:

    Lmao fake asf doesnt even say the model # on the bottom back

  7. Joey's Food says:

    lets hope the screen isnt gonna be under 720p like the iPhone 6. such a
    joke. while my Galaxy S6 from last yeat has a 1440p screen.

  8. metroidsboy says:

    This is fake

  9. KKK Mob Gang says:

    Why does it say some weibo recorded this XD

  10. asad2104 says:

    Is it fake or real

  11. grey alien says:

    Say huh??????

  12. Nicole A says:

    Well that looks ugly af so I’ll stick with my 6s?

  13. Mike Chu says:

    I kind of expect Apple to do a redesign for the large number changes. This
    looks like what the 6s could’ve been

  14. BushWacker says:

    Ching chong bing bong

  15. BLVDKillz says:

    For the people who don’t know he is comparing an iPhone 6 with an iPhone 6s

  16. MsCordially says:

    Shing wa taou da ooh mi da iphone meushin ada ??

  17. nirvana rules365 says:

    Much change, such wow.

  18. Loretta Maronee says:

    iPhones are overhyped, overpriced, and overrated.

  19. Josephmulowayltshibangu Tshibangu says:


  20. Andre Cooper says:

    anyone else noticed that there is no headphone jack???????