iPhone 7 vs S7 DEEP Water Test! How Deep Before It Dies?

iPhone 7 vs S7 DEEP Water Test! How Deep Before It Dies?

How Deep Can iPhone 7 Go? DEEP Water Test vs Samsung Galaxy S7 In 35 Feet of Water! Insane Results!!

Shallow Water Test: http://goo.gl/GbXRq8

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20 Responses

  1. Tamir Cohen says:

    I’m never buying an iPhone in my life and I would still prefer a Note 7 to
    an iPhone 7 but no one can argue, Apple did a solid job with the new
    iPhone. It is probably the fastest phone on the market right now and it is
    overall a great phone. With that being said, there are many things that
    could be improved with the iPhone. Buying a Lamborghini with the fastest
    engine but with only two wheels will not get you further than a Mini

  2. michaelsivan18 says:

    Most people in this comment section are Apple fanboys that are between the
    ages of 8-14 commenting the most ridiculous shit.

  3. Minelego333 says:

    Now I can take a shower and use my phone at the same time!!! :D

  4. SwatHD says:

    7:58 Wtf does he say? Is he russian?

  5. Ray James says:

    The steel container your using is protecting the phomes from the eb and
    flow (true pressure) of the water, so what your doing is more of a
    hydrostatic test. You’ll probably find that if you dunk the phones in an
    open cage (chicken wire or simular) into the water, you’ll get very
    different results.

  6. Bruno Rob says:

    With iphone 7 we can finally push friends in the water

  7. Mike F says:

    the water pressure ISNT the same. your freakin sideway holes dont change a
    thing, as the pressure is created by the water column that is right ABOVE
    the phones. so guess what – the water pressure has only an effect on the
    top of the Pot, not the phones themselves. there is no need to be a pro in
    physics to realize this “experiment” is useless

  8. SchokoMuffin says:

    11:47 did he say: “i think the galaxy is KAPUTT”?

  9. Kylie McCleary says:

    Why are people in the comments so dumb…people are arguing on which one is
    better. Just cause iPhone 7 survived longer doesn’t make it better, just
    cause some people just think Samsung is better, doesn’t make it better.
    iHave an iPhone, in my opinion, I like iPhone better. Arguing is just dumb
    because when people argue, it’s just opinions. Expect people to think
    differently than you….nothing new about the world ?

  10. Nice Bus says:

    I just want to say. Just because iphones are going to survive longer
    underwater it doesnt mean you yourself will drop your phone in a 35ft deep
    lake, i mean come on. I agree, apple did survive the water test but samsung
    still beats the iphone in everything else. Also, note 7 doesnt explode
    anymore fyi

  11. Jamen Brackley says:

    do the note 7 it’s spontaneous combustion function will create a lair of
    oxygen bubbles which will keep the phone dry it should last fairly long
    considering its massive battery too

  12. ADAidanHD says:

    like or get skinned alive.
    subscribe for $17,100,000

  13. Eithan Hersey-tuit says:

    I’ve been subbed since iOS 4.2.1 lmao, good old days

  14. tramg says:

    I’ve seen the s7 work at 30ft in a video with someone scuba diving

  15. Никита says:

    Nokia 3310 the best!!!

  16. Lithium Gaming says:


  17. Dr3wTheBoss says:

    S7 edge IS THE BEST

  18. Huskie says:

    the iPhone 7 is only splash resistant, and water damage is not covered by

  19. Chris Bryant says:

    My s5 was glitching like that and it got really hot but if you leave it
    alone for a little while typically it will turn on.

  20. UndeadGaming says:

    Wow if you think that weather is bad come to northern ireland?