iPhone Xs vs X – Worth Upgrading?

iPhone Xs vs X – Worth Upgrading?

iPhone Xs & Xs Max vs iPhone X. Should You Upgrade? Is The Price Worth It? Features, Cameras, Speed, Battery & Full Comparison.

iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max: https://youtu.be/CMtsy-D0Nlg
iPhone Xs vs Galaxy Note 9/S9: https://youtu.be/cwINagU6OgM

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87 Responses

  1. Naman Kapoor says:

    I don’t think u need to upgrade from iPhone x to iPhone xs

  2. سيف Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡ Ψ§Ω„Ω…Ψ³Ω„ΩˆΩ„ says:

    Super retina = SUPER AMOLED



  3. Henry Greenwood says:

    Right now I have a 5s and need to upgrade. I want the Xs but I just don’t have the funds. I think I will go for the Xr but am very worried about the 720p LCD display on that. I cannot wait another year so I am looking for the deals on the iPhone X. I believe even though this is an older device the OLED high res display will be worth it.

  4. Juan Arts says:

    HOW MANY IPHONE X users here? #Like …starting with me (:

  5. Gmail Account says:

    Omg, they saying Iphone 10 will be last 5-10 years, the processor is insane.

    Now you saying Iphone 10s processor is insane, and Iphone 10 is crap


    • Clay says:

      well considering it’s a qualcomm shit dragon, it’s out performing the A11 because it still runs on shit. can your A11 run on shit? imagine if it runs off something better than shit? it will out perform the A11 no problem. jokes aside, there’s no point comparing geekbench numbers. it’s all about how smooth the OS runs on the phone. the iphone can run as fast as it is but if it doesn’t work properly it’s still a shit phone. and my shit dragon still works really smoothly after 2 years. and i want a choice for my phone to shut down on me. i want my phone to shut down for no reason and make me change my phone rather than someone slowling down the phone because they “think” that it’s detiorating. i want my phone to explode so i know i have to change the phone. how about that?

    • tanika turner says:

      Gmail Account you act like he made the phones. You taking it out on the wrong person. We all know iPhones don’t last a lifetime however we will get a more lifespan out of the iPhone 10s

    • Mr Noot noot Mcnoot says:

      JOSETHEBEAST22 my galaxy note 4 is fast as the day I first bought it, I still do my transactions on it too. Note series doesn’t slow down because they are licensing a pen tech pioneer and making sure the competition like Apple can’t have it unless they steal it of course .

    • Mr.K Walk It Out says:


    • Aaron Rodriguez says:

      The X won’t drop in terms of processor. They even tested the RAM and processing power between the 2 and honestly if your upgrading for the power of the Xs I’d rethink your decision

  6. StasisModsGR says:

    I’m going to stay in my x

  7. Dawson says:

    Should you upgrade your new iPhone answer no should you upgrade your Apple Watch YES get the series 4

  8. Tsachi E says:

    I will stick with my Awesome 2 years old iphone 7 , but thanks

  9. Swiss001 says:

    Got a Samsung ad on this video…

  10. Donavan Alkatib says:

    i have an iphone x, i’m probably not gunna update because there is not really anything i’m very interested in the iphone xs that’s worth updating! plus, i got this iphone in june!

    • Daniels Fedoreks says:

      Who updates a phone every year for 1000 $?? Seriously. I europe the base Xs model is 1360$….. What the actual fuck. 98% customer satisfaction? Give me a break. iPhone X number 1 smartphone? hahahahah From my observings out on the street I see very few iPhones and a lot more samsungs and other androids. iPhone has gone way out of line with the 1000$ price tag and 1360$ in Europe and the cheap model is not even 1080p? Like 750$ again 1000$ in europe model doesn’t have 1080p. What a joke of a company

    • Donavan Alkatib says:

      Daniels Fedoreks so true!

    • Donavan Alkatib says:

      Marc Minner πŸ‘

    • Donavan Alkatib says:

      C Perkins same here!

    • Saurav Khadka says:

      Daniels Fedoreks man here in Finland literally I bought iphone x 1100euros and even that was droped from 1250. I am sure i am gonna keep this phone for 3 years

  11. Windex says:

    iPhone X stands for Xpensive

  12. BOPINHO JR says:


  13. 1000 HP says:

    I guarantee they had all this crap for when the X came out. They just waited another year so they’d be ready to have a new phone out for this year!

  14. Daniel Kuhner says:

    Not going to upgrade from iPhone 6s to iPhone Xs. Not becaus I cannot afford it, it’s because I am disappointed at what the iPhone Xs offers. Plus iPhone 6s is still a power house

    • Pl3xus99 says:

      Soccer player without legs I’m on the 8+ but ur right 6s remains the best phone. The only reason I upgraded / downgraded was cuz my 6s was cracked and the battery had degraded, also just the bigger screen of the 8+. Even now I kinda regret it cuz of the headphone jack removal.

    • Kev2077 says:

      Have a 5se but it’s so broke i can’t wait any longer and can’t decide between the 8 or a cheaper X off eBay , I think the 8+ is too big, need help.

    • Avakin Goddess says:

      Daniel Kuhner are you crazy if u were to upgrade there is a difference I’m a x user so there wouldn’t be much for me but last year I upgraded and I felt like a whole new person honestly I think that ur lying to ur self so u can’t save a little extra money

    • Avakin Goddess says:

      Sam Anderson I agree

    • Daniel Kuhner says:

      Sam Anderson I get what you are saying. I guess you are correct on the fact that it’s a 3 year cycle. Through out a day, I need to recharge the 6s multiple times. Right now the max capacity is at 84%, just couple month ago it was at 85%. I personally want to upgrade but logically it doesn’t offer a lot. I will definitely think more about it and watch more videos on it.

  15. Rantesh Singh says:

    No I will not upgrade to iPhone Xs from iPhone X as there are only slightly little changes in it and iPhone X is still insane and beast I love my iPhone X

  16. Henrik Hempel says:

    IPhone 6s vs iPhone Xs worth upgrading?

    Oh hell nah

  17. I ran out of names says:

    Anyone complaining about the price should think that in europe they are 1500$ to 1750$ and in eastern europe they can go up to 2500$ for the 512gb version

  18. Mathieu BCN says:

    Lauching app 30% faster… what they are not saying is how it take to open an app on the X ? It is already opening instantly… do the math 30% of 0 ?

  19. Agha Noor Vlogs says:

    Quick answer: NOT worth it!

  20. eiolenimea says:

    In my opinion iPhone X looks really ugly in person, mostly because of the thickness, thick bezels around the screen (the screen is nothing near edge-to-edge), chrome rim and rear camera rim. It doesn’t look sleek and perfected form like the iPhone 7 for example. And looks like Xs still shares the same chunky design and Xr is even thicker πŸ˜› I hope next year they will have an actually good looking phone coming out.

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