Iran threatens retaliation after UK seize Iranian oil tanker

Iran threatens retaliation after UK seize Iranian oil tanker

On Friday, Iran threatened to seize a British ship after Royal Marines captured an Iranian supertanker. Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson and William Ruger, vice president for research and policy at Charles Koch Institute, react to the threat and the rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran.

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51 Responses

  1. Ryben Flynn says:

    “Endless war”. Hell, if you did it right the first time you wouldn’t have to keep fighting a war.

  2. MartinIDavies says:

    Iran just learnt a lesson.. Britain the gatekeeper of entrance/exit to the Med.. handy piece of real estate..

    • CJP6024 !! says:

      MartinIDavies …why didn’t the tanker use the Suez Canal?

    • MartinIDavies says:

      @CJP6024 !! Yes that’s a good question.. and the usual way.. and even it the tanker is to big they just unload onto smaller tankers to take the oil thru the canal into the Med.. it’s been suggested that by going the long way around the Cape that it might go unnoticed as a sanctions breaker.. however it sailed into Gib waters and so entered the EU space and is being held as EU sanctions breaking vessel.. this will be interesting

    • Assil Nezami says:

      @CJP6024 !! Suez is under Egyptian control, and they are puppets of USA. The Iranians dont like Egyptians because they never helped Gaza

  3. Jordan Diehl says:

    Whenever I see any video title or news headline that has anything to do with Iran “threatening” anyone, I sit back, crack a smile and begin to hope that they realize that any attempt at attacking the U.K, America or another ally of ours will spell the end of Iran’s existence ?

  4. atheist28403 says:

    Yeah, this is going to go bad really quickly. Fill up your cars now.

  5. Robert Villanueva says:

    There will be an event at some point this year and before the election. This is logic and strategy. When it happens it will draw china and Russia into it. The world is on the cusp of world war.

  6. Tonn Donaldo says:

    “Roping Down from a helicopter.” I think we all know captain price led that mission? Lol


    Iran=i ran.

    • The world is insane says:

      @Untold Story Ya as if Trump was not informed in advance and discussed the idea first.

    • Mohammed Mateen says:

      Why would you run??? 😀

    • The world is insane says:

      @Mohammed Mateen Are you a true follower of Islam ?

    • Rustin Cohle says:

      My dear delusional idiot the government of country is the biggest terrorist organization in the world. Do some research before spouting nonsense.

      How would you feel if Iran seized your tankers claiming USA or UK did something without any evidence?

      No centralized banking system means you’re a free country that will not be allowed that’s why they’re attacking Iran.

    • Mohammed Mateen says:

      The world is insane what do you mean?

  8. ugutierrez55 says:

    No centralized banking? Let’s go to war.

  9. John Currie says:

    Opps.. Is that a leak in your reactor? Huhh. You should check that. A leaky nuclear reactor in your neighborhood isn’t a good thing.


    • ABurntMuffin says:


    • Sargent Rock says:

      Some day that boom will happen in Dumberica. Do you dumbasses really think you can back a whole civilization into a corner? It only took 12 people and a couple of your own airplanes for them to retaliate and bring your shitholecountry to its knees. Wait until you wake them up. It would take them less than a couple of hours to poison your entire water supply in the Great Lakes and rendering it useless for hundreds of years. Your nuclear power plants are far from being protected. Your electrical grid is not protected at all across country. You’re military and financial systems of already been hacked. I dare you to wake them up. You arrogant pieces of s***. Karma is a b**** and it’s going to make great news.

    • MP Momma says:

      @Sargent Rock you evil moortroll ?you & your crapcountry have no idea what my USA has! Here’s a hint loser….prescision. Better pray to GOD ALMIGHTY. I’m commanded to pray for you….my enemy. That trumps your karmacrap! ??????

    • D Fearless says:

      MP Momma nor do you, nobody knows what leaders of each country has and wants.

  10. TriHard says:

    Iran threatens retaliation after UK seize Iranian oil tanker
    WOW IM S H O C K E D

    • Supreme Being says:

      @Vincent 79 lol, sure mate! As if anyone really gives two fucks about Iran much less risk a war for them.

    • D Fearless says:

      Supreme Being China supports communism so they would most likely be with the Arab countries ( come ) as a couple of them are communist countries

  11. Andrew Turner says:

    Looks like the Royal Marines are going to be busy for a while.

  12. Alfonso Rojas says:

    Iran does not need any nuclear missiles. it to dangerous for the world.

  13. paul joe says:

    Did iran shoot down the u.s. drone ? Or the deep state ? The rhino and deep state want a war for distraction . I hope trump does not get dragged into that .
    Prayers .

  14. John Dunn says:

    what kind of rouge nation would retaliate against someone stealing their tanker???

    • Big Bob says:

      @John Dunn so let’s go to war then and see what happens to Iran then… i think they should just go with the sanctions option

    • moonchild says:

      Johns likes to call other countries a rouge nation, very polite motherfucker

  15. Canadian Man says:

    News Flash: Magnitude 7.6 quake causes tsunami and devastates Iranian coastal facilities including naval ports and docked ships.
    More to follow as reports come in.

  16. litigator2015 says:

    Iran was still enriching Uranium when the Iran deal was still in effect. Obama sent them $150Billion. What do you think they did with that?

    • Donna S says:

      No, Iran was monitored by IAEA all throughout this time. No enriched uranium for nuclear weapons, period, was found. Do you know that it’s every nations right to have uranium for nuclear energy? If another nation sanctions you, they are in direct violation. So who’s violating who?
      Don’t listen to the lies and deceit to justify war with all these middle east nations, including Iran. They have been targeted for decades for the benefit of the One Nation in the middle east that wants full control!

  17. Jeremy M says:

    Don’t worry folks the US oil companies will make up for the lack of Iranian oil. ?‍♂️

  18. bangsdagong says:

    pirates!! suspected iranian oil???? dog is off the leash!! evil in charge.

  19. Ifèhnna Nnamdi. says:

    Iran should back off/ & stay very very careful how they trade, else…

  20. VIVA LOCA says:

    All the NEOCONS want war! they are all, so soulless and greedy.

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