Ireland fans dent the roof of a French car, fix it straight away

Ireland fans dent the roof of a French car, fix it straight away

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20 Responses

  1. 45tone says:

    I expected nothing less

  2. Andrew Savage says:

    this is obviously not in America XD

  3. SpaceCowboy says:

    They also gave that car a free wash

  4. Franz Quijano says:

    How was this possible someone explain 🤔

  5. Alex Samsung says:

    got to love these fans. how it should be done.

  6. Rocktronix says:

    These aren’t Hooligans!! i want my money back.

  7. Mitch Cooper says:

    I love being irish

  8. Lots says:

    they had to pour some beer on it too lol

  9. ItsJazmine says:

    ahh I love the Irish

  10. Vance Walton says:

    LOL it took them like 5 seconds of looking at the roof to finally realize
    what had happened. i love this

  11. Lost Children says:


  12. bakhtiyor choriyev says:

    damn the Irish are better behaved than the brits in France. good job👍

  13. Juan Gomez says:

    your irish are nuts, this is hilarious

  14. dpm9a1 says:

    So first you have to try and break into the vehicle….. Then stat pounding
    around the dent till it pops back…. Ok…..

  15. Elias Trujillo says:

    Now that car has lots of alcohol on it.

  16. DrClawizdead says:

    I would have been funny if after fixing it they bang on it and dent it

  17. IgnoreThisCommentBro says:

    those drunks would cheer for anything…

  18. Javier Victor says:

    I heard they just opened a body shop

  19. kane vina says:

    jacksepticeye at 2:14

  20. m17sujatno says:

    I can’t believe that worked.