Irish People Taste Test American Pancakes

Irish People Taste Test American Pancakes

“Stop eating it so I can have the rest.”
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More Information:
American pancakes are totally fat/phat in comparison to the thin little Irish ones we eat on this grassy island. We asked our chef make up some fat stacks for the contributors to chow down and they were happier than they’ve ever been in any video so far.

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People featured in this video:

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Thanks to our chef, Neil Barrett. You can hire Neil yourself at’

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Similar to channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, TheFineBros & GMM we focus on creating content that depicts people (usually Irish people) experiencing new things for the first time, whether that be food, drink or maybe a TV show!

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20 Responses

  1. Paddy Murphy says:

    The best Facts. video I’ve ever done?Suprise Suprise. I fucking LOVE Pancakes. You Americans know your shit!?

  2. YoChody says:

    That red velvet pancake looked hella good!

  3. Butt Senpai says:

    The guy in the thumbnail has the same face as me when Hentai Haven upload a new video.

  4. Nadia Mohamed says:

    “Oh God! this is better than the testicle i had in here!” Darren’s face after Dermot said that…lmfao he was just like, “wtf have you been eating?!?” ???

    So many great moments in this video, it’s hard to have a favorite!

  5. Diana Fieck says:

    I want to go eat some pancakes

  6. S3X Machine says:

    I am an American bad ass

  7. Rob Jobin says:

    If you do another one of these: gotta do M&M and Boston Creme pancakes

  8. Stephany De La Rosa says:

    hahaha! damn! everything and everyone is shit compare to red velvet pancakes ?? that one guy is hilarious

  9. Christi Lee says:

    Jesus. Stop attaching the plates with the knives and forks. The sound is gonna kill meeeeeeee

  10. David Lindsey says:

    Facts needs to try pancakes served at a church pancakes and sausage breakfast. Maple syrup drizzled over *EVERYTHING,* including the sausage! Now I’ve gone and made myself hungrier than I was… 🙁

  11. Robert Boland says:

    “Oh my god , put it inside me” – Paddy 2K17

  12. Al Marzian says:

    Buckwheat Blueberry pancakes with sausage between the pancakes, an egg on top with butter and maple syrup. The Pancake sandwich, a staple in Lexington, Ky. Try to eat a pancake sandwich and a Hot Brown on the same day.

  13. gugu bubu says:

    whos the ginger? im close to having a crush on her

  14. DT Axe and Tool says:

    Now I want pancakes. I had no idea we had red velvet or strawberry cheesecake. My wife and I always make chocolate chip

  15. SartraBookworm says:

    They forgot one with peanut butter and syrup! That’s what I usually have. Or Nutella, peanut butter, and syrup.

  16. Pat Berkery says:

    Peanut butter and syrup on pancakes is the best.

  17. Kris says:

    lol Dermot at the end. I love Red velvet everything. You guys missed chocolate chip and buttermilk pancakes though

  18. marfar78704 says:

    To make blueberry pancakes, just add them to the batter after you put it on the griddle and let them cook with the pancake. It is delicious!

  19. Letho Kunene says:

    “what’s red velvet” omg you poor irish

  20. Marcy Torres says:

    Now I really want pancakes! Y’all should try chocolate chocolate-chip pancakes!

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