Irrational Man Official TRAILER (2015) Emma Stone, Woody Allen Comedy Movie

Irrational Man Official TRAILER (2015) Emma Stone, Woody Allen Comedy Movie

“Irrational Man” Official TRAILER (2015) Emma Stone, Woody Allen Comedy Movie

On a small town college campus, a philosophy professor in existential crisis gives his life new purpose when he enters into a relationship with his student.

Director: Woody Allen

Writer: Woody Allen

Stars: Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix, Parker Posey

In theaters July 24, 2015

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19 Responses

  1. syaoran1412 says:

    Emma Stone <3

  2. Susana R says:

    The story is like Magic in the Moonlight again. Only this time with a
    philosophy professor and a student…Pass

  3. blakeandcamp says:

    I swear every Woody Allen movie is the same shit recycled

  4. alexandre do says:

    looks like hollywood found a new sub-genre:
    college girl falls in love with bad boy/antihero teacher and saves his life.
    right now All i can think of is the gambler, but there are certainly others

  5. Lea Gebbie says:

    this is like woody allen’s biography right? who the fuck lets him continue
    making movies

    • MsPark says:

      +Lea Gebbie He continues making movies because he’s a legendary
      writer-director who’s committed to filmmaking. His personal life has
      nothing to do with his talent for screenwriting and filmmaking, and people
      liking his work.

    • Lea Gebbie says:

      he’s made the same movie for the past forty years and people praise him for
      it. his
      “personal life” is that he raped a 7 year old and married his step
      daughter. he’s a pedophilic rapist pig and that seeps in to his movies,
      most notably it seems this one.

  6. Scott Sonnenberg says:

    A Woody Allen movie about an old washed up dude trying to bang a young
    girl. Go figure?!

    • FromCrownToKingdom says:

      Laugh out loud. Sorry, been watching a lot of *To Catch a Predator* lately.
      Why don’t you put my blank in your blank? Woody looks like one of those
      guys you’d see on that show.

  7. Thiedel Thiam says:

    came here for Joaquin

  8. GravityGames says:

    I’ll only see this because I was a paid extra in this movie for 2 scenes.
    And I only did that because I have a hard-on for Emma Stone.

    Can’t wait to see the top of my head for 0.2 seconds.

  9. astroception says:

    quite a fan of woody’s films but this is disappointing.

  10. Talyta Barcelos says:

    Irrational Man! IRRATIONAL MAN!

  11. Danial Shariffuddin says:

    Comedy Movie? Where’s the comedy?

    • clockwrkornge says:

      +Danial Shariffuddin You clearly don’t know who Woody Allen is, that’s bad
      and you should feel bad.

  12. Edias Panyul says:

    Sumpah film.E apik nemen

  13. FromCrownToKingdom says:

    Fucking Woody, still holding on to his fantasies about younger girls. This
    is the second movie in a row he’s done with that weird looking Stone chick.
    Probably doubled her salary, just so he can jerk off to her. Do I like
    Woody’s films? Yes. Do I think he’s a maniacal pervert? Yes. Do I enjoy
    answering my own questions? Yes, I do, it’s like mental masturbation.