Is Cheap Toilet Paper Just As Good?

Is Cheap Toilet Paper Just As Good?

When it comes to ‘Wiping It’, clearly you should only be buying Charmin® Ultra Strong! #ad Get yours at:

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The Vat19 crew goes head-to-head in a challenge where one person is given Charmin® and the other is given Grocery Store Brand toilet paper. Whoever wipes up less mess then has that food dumped on their head.

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67 Responses

  1. Jun July Channel says:

    Wipe it or Wear it

    Or no Tissue in your toilet

  2. Eden Markovitz says:

    While this is a awesome version of Eat or Wear it

  3. Jon Stamm says:

    Charmin really wipes out the competition.

    I’ll see myself out.

  4. lonedev - PUBG says:

    Hmph, you guys should do the make me laugh challenge again, Just don’t make it over used

  5. hiddenbutdeadly says:

    Ok…is it seeming to people that Vat19 doesn’t want to make product videos anymore?..its been nearly a month since the last product video..and even that was short and..simple
    it seems Vat19 want to focus on re-creating the Viral success of the bath-tub putty and only seem to make..well tbh reaction videos
    no hate on Vat19 but…whats the deal guys/gals?

  6. Roshkin says:

    One ply isn’t equivalent to two ply

  7. Natalie Chua says:


  8. AndrewStudios says:

    I will use ANY toilet paper..

    *well in a emergency..*

  9. Nathan Reaperz says:

    did i just watch a tp commercial?

  10. -VOX24M8 - says:

    Isn’t charmin bought in the grocery store??

  11. maximilian latos says:

    This is too much I mean I dont think u can sell your channel out anymore than this

    • Shadow Regards says:

      At the very least use 2 ply vs 2 ply. This is very misleading. Even with the awareness that this is paid sponsorship, i expected them to play fair. The clogging videos werent this bad. Come on now, you just sold out.

  12. Pepper Spray says:

    No gummy toilet paper? I’m kind of disappointed TBH…

  13. puggy420 says:

    Comparing 1ply to 2ply is an unfair comparison. Not to mention store brand is significantly cheaper than charmin by more than half off.

  14. Lucy Chapman says:

    *spends 40 seconds talking about how good charmin is*

  15. YaBoiGloveTM says:

    if you’re gonna test might wanna do 2-ply v 2-ply

  16. B A B A- G A N O U S H says:

    They might be purposely bad at wiping for the store brand
    Just saying

  17. Spencer Palmer says:

    Toilet papper is suppose to break down in the toilet water to avoid clogging. Charmin is actually bad for your plumbing because of the fact that is doesn’t break down as well, and so it clogs up the pipes.

  18. David Yun says:

    I like how they just chose the worst type (1 ply) for grocery store brand to make charmin look better

    • Chicofuran says:

      They fail to understand that for a 12 pack of Charmin cost more then a 24 pack of store brand! I’ll go with the store brand any day plus use more!!!! I’m wiping shit for crying out loud!

  19. Hamoud Mohamed says:

    2:42 he’s literally using all his force and the one after that that guy was not even trying

    EDIT:Like C’mon you can see the difference the first one his hand was literally shaking

  20. Yae One says:

    So this is what i need to do to make a trending video.. note taken

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