Is Devin Nunes Investigating Trump or Working with Him?: A Closer Look

Is Devin Nunes Investigating Trump or Working with Him?: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the Trump administration’s alleged ties to Russia.
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Is Devin Nunes Investigating Trump or Working with Him?: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Archon Talent says:

    I’m first, you guys are all fake numbers

  2. Dave SOLEMI says:

    Nunez needs to step down. We can’t even trust our government for an independent investigation again. Sad!

  3. MeantClock1738 Yu says:

    Are you sure Donald Trump is a president? I say no.

  4. Jordan Scobey says:

    The corruption never ceases to amaze me. I don’t know how anyone can support this man.

  5. Liam Humel says:

    In before the triggered Trumpsters

  6. Junior Mendiola says:

    make America Obama again ..

  7. Cami H says:

    Daaaaamn, and Trump supporters thought Washington was corrupt *before* all this.

  8. Cammy O says:

    When is tRump gonna stop using an ex running mate as an example??!! AND
    When’s he finally gonna give me ONE REASON to support him rather than SO MANY REASONS not to!!

    I can’t even look at tRump without picturing Alec Baldwin!!

  9. Tara Gostling says:

    I am so glad that I work late so when I come home for dinner there’s a hot new A Closer Look waiting for me.

  10. Don't Read My Profile Picture Advanced says:

    If the house and senate fail to investigate, but FBI finds serious crime, what is the mechanism for justice?

  11. MemeticMutant says:

    At this point if Trump claimed the sky was blue I would assume it had turned green when I wasn’t looking.

  12. Nikki Beacth says:

    Trump voters had their head spinning on Moonshine when they voted for him.

  13. Wilbur Jenkins says:

    “Praise of Russia by Hillary”

    Are you fucking kidding me lol Trump got some serious dementia.

  14. KingOfMadCows says:

    But the Dude didn’t like it when someone peed on his rug.

  15. Johnny Sythe says:

    Will Trump’s 4th wife be Ivanka?

  16. thatdevilguy says:

    When did Americans become so stupid that they thought Trump would be a good president?

  17. Rayaan Hasan says:

    Instead of replacing nunes we should replace the whole trump cabinet

  18. John Kent says:

    If you still support Trump than you’re an idiot. That is all.

  19. adam case says:

    Dear Steve Carell,

    Please agree to be Devin Nunes on SNL.

    The World

  20. Earl A. Birkett says:

    I lived through Watergate. This scandal is no Watergate. It’s far worse.

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