Is Donald Trump Flip-Flopping on Immigration? A Closer Look

Is Donald Trump Flip-Flopping on Immigration? A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Trump’s recent pivot on immigration.
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Is Donald Trump Flip-Flopping on Immigration? A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. hellokittygurl27 says:


  2. Wakka Flakka Burn The Al Bhed says:

    Thing is, if Donald Trump changes his ideas of immigration, he loses all of
    his support. Trump is a backlash for Obama’s election, people want another
    radical, white president. However much race isn’t an actual thing, Trump’s
    entire campaign is built upon racism, and his supporters believe in that.

  3. Noahs Ark says:

    Nothing surprises me anymore…

  4. Mitchel Mahar says:

    Cmon… Are you not going to take a single swing at Hillary? It would be so
    easy to take a closer look

  5. EM1LL1E says:

    that shocked lady looks like a Kristen Wiig character lol

  6. Ronald Peña says:

    Trump makes my head hurt.

  7. Maxamed 2020 says:

    it sad only white male racist cant win you the general election

  8. warpedjaffas1 says:

    More energy = Sarah Palin = meth heads = Republicans

  9. Akmal Ibrahim says:


  10. SuperFly25 :D says:

    It’s almost like Trump will say anything to get elected without having any
    real policy plans to improve America, oh wait…

  11. Nonya Biddness says:

    That lady’s facial expressions where as natural as Hillary’s when the
    balloons dropped at the DNC

  12. Ashcool says:

    This isn’t the first time that Trump has taken the ‘I know what you are but
    what am I’ approach. I once tuned into a Trump rally accidentally and saw
    that Trump actually said that Hillary doesn’t have the temperament to be
    President. In fact, I was surprised shows like this didn’t pick up on that
    line. There were so many potential jokes to be made there.

  13. Twiistz says:

    In before all the Trump Supporters call this *”PROPAGANDA.”* Yet Seth just
    made a video about Hillary’s Email Scandal.

  14. bother don says:

    Trump never said he’ll do “exoct” some thing. This show is just so
    unbelievably retorded

  15. Slowburn says:

    The craziest thing about this flip flop is it is his first, and biggest
    promise. If he can change on this, he isn’t worth anything he says.

  16. Lego Play Time says:

    4 years to take a selfie with trump? Life is short

  17. Holy Harlot says:

    You’re stupid.

  18. Jorge el cholo says:

    Where da trump trolls at

  19. Charles White says:

    Trump have Con the GOP like he have Con the Trump University Students.
    Trump is a Bigot, Bully, Con-Artist, Liar and unqualified to be president.
    We The People do have a better choice and that person is Hillary. Hillary
    is the most qualified person to be president. It is time for the GOP to put
    the country before the party. Trump is unfit to be a role model for our
    children. Trump character is the direct opposite of what we are teaching
    our children.

  20. THEBIGlittleBOYS says: