Is Donald Trump part of the ‘war on women’? | Fox News Republican Debate

Is Donald Trump part of the ‘war on women’? | Fox News Republican Debate

Real estate mogul: America doesn’t have time for political correctness
Watch Megyn Kelly talk about Cleveland Debate, Elections, Presidential Debates, Presidential Primaries, and Republicans.

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20 Responses

  1. Drare 626 says:

    I think Fox has picked the wrong candidate Donald Trump is getting my vote

  2. PrismAnime says:

    Trump they aren’t laughing with you, they’re laughing at you

  3. Tony Gonzalez says:

    It is all about entertainment.

  4. Blake Hulbert says:

    Megyn sucks!

  5. RonJay Caff says:

    hell yeah for trump!

  6. Roy Charles Jr says:

    As if you didn’t embarrass yourself enough last night FOX, you do it again
    today with this post.

  7. Fire Boss says:

    If Megin was fat, she woudn’t be on Fox. Donald Trump was not treated
    fairly on the debates.

  8. aze606 says:

    feminist whore and a turd debating. sigh

  9. Felipe Belchior says:

    [X]Rekt [ ]Not Rekt

  10. contratot says:

    War on women? lol Where the hell did that come from?

  11. Jay Lacky says:

    who gives a crap if he said some woman would look good on her knees..did he
    defend a rapist who he knew was guilty of child rape? Who’s done that?
    Hillary. Which is worse..saying a sexist comment or defending a man who
    you know raped a child and getting him off the hook?

  12. OurIdolsAnthems says:

    r ‐‐ ”  ̄ ” – ,,
    /´ _ ” ‐ ,, _
    / k 彡 ‘ \
    . l /  ̄ ` ヽノ
    l .l / l
    . l ヽ-‘ ・ 、
    ヽ ・ _”.ヽ
    ‘, 、 “” ,, ‐ ” ` l
    . し’ ` 、 ( / ソ/
    ` 、 _ ` ” “/
    し ─ ‐‐ ”

    Rosie O’ Donnel is watching… < *oink*>

  13. Jose Martinez says:

    Such a cunt

  14. TimTheCrusader says:

    Any time someone says “misogyny” or “war on women” I know it’s time to stop
    taking them seriously. Notice how people like this, including Megyn here,
    don’t complain about calling PEOPLE names, just women.

  15. scs1156320 says:

    “only rosie odonell” i laughed sooo hard

  16. Rockin Moroccan says:

    I shall now call trump…..bullworth

  17. gummybears1095 says:

    He is a filthy pig. There is no way he’s going to be president 

  18. LeJAX says:

    Should Change the video to “Donald Trump roasts Megan Kelly”

  19. moniquemonicat says:

    Trump loves women! Megyn Kelly disgraced women by being so silly to ask
    such a vicious question. looked to me that she was making war against
    men. this attack on Trump was very disturbing. especially hypocritical
    since FOX doesn’t hire anything but “news babes,” of which she is one and
    wouldn’t ever got the job if she wasn’t. she can’t have it both ways! she
    has entitlement issues!!

  20. Syed Dawdye says:

    what an excellent response by Trump! we have more important economic,
    military, education, and health issues to take care about and this sexist
    lady is just talking about is rubbish, pissing everyone off! TRUMP 4 PREZ !