Is the Paper Towns Movie Like the Book? Thoughts on Adaptations

Is the Paper Towns Movie Like the Book? Thoughts on Adaptations

In which John discusses the Paper Towns movie adaptation, the idea of faithful adaptations, and the lost art of the movie novelization. Special attention is paid to the novelization of the film The Goonies.

Also, in a stunning turn of events, I find myself in an airport.
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20 Responses

  1. Kristína Mandová says:

    John, do not worry! If the guys are the same as from TFIOS, its going to be
    awesome! Really looking forward to it! So do not worry! They wont be the
    next Percy Jackson type of movies…

    (Im a huge Demigod and I got really offended by the movies. Horrible!)

  2. Alyx Byrne says:

    fill the blank wall with artwork!! Your sons’ artwork! Your fans artwork!
    Your artwork!

  3. Striga says:

    The thing that I want most to be in the movie is them jamming to the
    Mountain Goats

  4. nivi fecher says:

    “my harry potter is my harry potter” im going to quote that for the of my
    life . DFTBA john .

  5. Sean Murphy says:

    That’s a pretty good ideal for adaptations to strive for. Staying faithful
    to the book’s ideas without feeling confined by its story. The TFIOS movie
    was a fantastic adaptation, and I really look forward to the Paper Towns
    movie (especially because I like Paper Towns more that TFIOS).

  6. HarryBookGnome says:

    John, did you fail to imagine your own book complexly, whilst writing the
    screen play?

  7. TheInfiniteFish says:

    The echo in the video XD Getting enthusiastic, methinks, John XD

  8. Nathan Walker says:

    Can we read your screenplay…frankly, I’d read your grocery list…

  9. Lauren Redding says:

    I feel personal triumph that John admits Angela should have gone on the
    road trip. Not that I should, but I do.

  10. Lina vB says:

    Really interesting as I’m doing a project on designing the characters and
    places of a book that takes places in another universe. Ofcourse my visions
    of the whole fictional universe will be different that everyone elses, but
    I am still the one visualising it, so my version will sort of ‘win’…
    While I still want to make everyone pleased with the result

  11. dominic bell says:

    I would pay ludicrous amounts of money for john’s original paper towns

  12. Lina Maria Olaya says:

    Adding Angela to the trip is just…. brilliant!!!

  13. TheMan83554 says:

    And then, there was Eragon. An amazing book, a good standalone movie, both
    don’t go together. I saw the movie first, it was good, I watched it over
    and over! Then I saw the book and went “Oh! A book!” And read it, now I
    cannot see the movie ever again.

  14. Michael Rasmussen says:

    Leave the blank space!

  15. blackmage says:

    “My harry potter is just mine” this is my new favorite quote

  16. LOVEstarrystar33 says:


  17. Mara Gleason says:

    Yes! I always wished Angela had joined the road trip.

  18. Jesika Scott says:

    When I was watching TFiOS I felt like I was reading the book, as in I felt
    like the book had literally been turned into a script. I much prefer when
    films go in a slightly different direction as it means they can be two
    different entities. If i wanted to listen to the book i would have just
    brought the audiobook

  19. Aisling O'Leary says:

    I love the way Americans say Harry 

  20. Scoobsfreak says:

    Which bat shirt won?!