Isaiah Rashad – Runnin’ ft. ScHoolboy Q

Isaiah Rashad – Runnin’ ft. ScHoolboy Q

Isaiah Rashad ft. ScHoolboy Q

Produced by: Kenny Beats & Dom Maker
Shot by: @Joshnachoz, @Forrestjaqua, @Slimagination, @Visualizbalance
Edited by: @Joshnachoz

Album ‘The House Is Burning’ out 7/30! Pre-save now:


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34 Responses

  1. SacredAlmighty says:

    this a ROLLOUT rollout.

  2. Mikey Dimes says:

    2 more days til THIB and he just throwin out gems for free. Starting to make up for that drought. We still gunna need that deluxe album on the 31st with the Kendrick ft on it

  3. Guardian says:

    This ROLLOUT is everything …this better be on the deluxe

  4. Gwrightproductions1 says:

    He treated this like Smile for Sun’s Tirade. A loose gem.

  5. Marcel Primes says:

    Kenny Beats has some of the most solid kicks and 808s I’ve ever heard.

  6. Lavish BaStard says:

    “All them long nights ain’t long for nothin’,

    Imagine having dreams where you can touch it”

  7. Percy Hawkins says:

    Q EASILY has the most unique and versatile flow and delivery in the whole rap game. Like anyone would easily be able to tell if someone was copying his style because no one does it like him lol

  8. Canis Major says:

    Thats the schoolboy i love

  9. Quin69 says:

    Zay saw his fans complain that it wasnt on THIB so he released it as a loosy the day before the album drop lmao. Truly a man of the people

    • Richard Martinez says:

      He was tweeting/teasing it a couple days before he dropped the tracklist as reassurance lol

  10. piotrekzprod says:

    That’s my shiiiiiiiiiit

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