Island Boys Tried to Fight me on Impaulsive…

Island Boys Tried to Fight me on Impaulsive…

In today’s video of George Janko Vlogs, you will see George going to Miami with Mike Majlak to explore and later going on an Impaulsive shoot with the Island boys and Logan Paul where it takes an interesting turn. The Island boys tried fighting me on impulsive….

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38 Responses

  1. Golf God says:

    I love Logan coming in and shutting shit down at the end. There is levels to this shit and even the island boys understand that

  2. Panzrith_Prak says:

    It’s tough for the island boy to look hard when their build like a chopsticks

    • Saaj says:

      @Big Bertha m8 id snap em in half, looking like an inked palm tree aint gonna intimidate 🤣🤣

    • Don Don says:

      @Big Bertha bruh nobody is scared of them

    • Tarzan Bryant says:

      This the guy that haven’t fought them in prison

    • kezz a says:

      Doesn’t matter how they built g. Skinniest people in the us carry the heaviest heat. They rockin with chopsticks if they rlly saw u as a op they woudnt try fist fight you they pop your ass. They do look like clowns fosure tho

    • Mr Meeseeks says:

      @Mrtokin Streets are different than the gym. A big guy grabs you he is going to slam you on the concrete. +100lbs over you is a lot of weight to deal with especially if you’re already skinny, MMA has weight classes for a reason

  3. Terrell Bautista Vlogs says:

    Bro really said George is tryna show out for camera while having a body full of tats, goku hair,and mcm backpacks on a podcast 🙏😂😂

  4. Bill Owens says:

    Love when people respectfully stand up for themselves, another banger Georgie

  5. Savraj Singh says:

    Can’t wait for podcast. Those kids got in they feels. They’ll realize what George was saying 😂😂

  6. Jason rodriguez says:

    Logan came in at the end on that “We not doing this shit” energy lol,

  7. Mixed Conversations says:

    ” You know I’m thugging right?” Logan stands up: ” I don’t know if you guys are serious?” ” Nah we are not serious”

  8. graham peebles says:

    George seems like a guy who doesn’t want to fight anyone and always wants to be nice to everyone but I would bet money he could 2v1 these guys and it’s cringe how they act all hard

  9. Erin B says:

    George needs to have a series with all of his cousins because they are all hilarious together!

  10. Devon Derke says:

    yo huge respect to Logan, they wanted no smoke when he stepped up and had George’s back. bogus how they thought they were gonna try to mess with or threaten George like that.

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