“It’s Time To THROW DOWN!” Jalen Green STRUGGLES, Then GOES OFF! FULL ACCESS To #1 Team On Earth 😱

“It’s Time To THROW DOWN!” Jalen Green STRUGGLES, Then GOES OFF! FULL ACCESS To #1 Team On Earth 😱

Get ya BODYARMOR ►► https://ovrt.me/2zxdij4
Prolific Prep Episode 1 ►► https://ovrt.me/3eVedtW
Jalen in the Philippines ►► https://ovrt.me/30fenEl

Episode 2 goes HARD!!!

In this ep, Jalen Green, Nimari Burnett and Prolific Prep head to Chicago to face their biggest test of the year. But, before the game, they get to go on the local news channel and do the WEATHER REPORT! Out of nowhere, Jalen brings out all his dance moves. Dude can hoop, but don’t sleep on his WOAH!

After that, it’s time for the game. Prolific starts slow, but Jalen and Nimari give the team a hype speech at halftime. Can they turn it around and win the game?

Finally, Nimari’s family throws a party. The Burnett’s know how to TURN UP!

All love to BODYARMOR for helping us pull this off. Check out the bevs at https://ovrt.me/2zxdij4 and try some!

Stay safe!

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68 Responses

  1. Jackson Frasier says:

    This team is so special. They need to be protected at all costs

  2. Randy Jones says:

    It sucks we never got to see them play montverde would’ve been 🔥🔥

  3. Tyquan Crosby says:

    Who else thinks jalen is a top 3 pick in 2021

  4. Dustinlaw Gerona `' says:

    Damn bro he is nice unicorn i want to meet this guy

  5. Xajavier Todd says:

    She said she got us on schedule cuz black people always late 🤣

  6. Matthew Jelly-DG says:

    This man just said Julian lmao 😂

  7. Overtime says:

    New episode dropping EVERY SUNDAY

  8. brandon donaldson says:

    U should go to Florida and do a video on Montverde Academy

  9. Jack Clark says:

    Midwest basketball is way different then Cali ball

  10. Aryaveer M says:

    Julians idols just gave him a mention 🙌

  11. Francky Matje says:

    Ima hit up Julian and his sister for back up😂😂😂

  12. C O L 3 says:

    Y’all see how freaky Nimaris arms look

  13. Eian2K says:

    “Black people always late” straight facts everybody becoming like a hour later then right time.

  14. Kdontezz says:

    Imagine having to play this team after a long day of algebra 2

  15. zaira alcaraz says:

    “ the black one “ 😭. he really do look like michael thou wth

  16. Hallo Jeg er sej says:

    “The young Michael Jackson the black one”😂😂😂

  17. FreshAndCool says:

    I need Larry to stop saying “you tryna get fitted like ya boy”

  18. iamnali says:

    I swear I love Nimari’s mom man .. she funny af 😂❤️

  19. Terriyon Aaron says:

    overtime shows always got the teams “starting off slow” then magically going super sayin

  20. MikeSoLit says:

    “Jalen look like The young Michael Jackson”
    Jalen teammate: The black one
    Me: 💀

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