J. Cole – MIDDLE CHILD (Official Music Video)
Stream or Download “Middle Child” now: https://dreamville.lnk.to/middlechild

Director: Mez
Creative Direction: Scott Lazer
Edited by: Roberta Spitz
Executive Producer: Candice Dragonas
Produced by: Daniel Yaro
Cinematography: Sing Howe Yam
Production Design: Greg Lang

J. Cole – Middle Child (2019 NBA All Star Halftime Performance): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohAbCN4E3RM
Where the fuck is the off season YouTube playlist: http://smarturl.it/WTFITOSYT

Connect with J. Cole:


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#JCole #MiddleChild #Dreamville

Music video by J. Cole performing MIDDLE CHILD. © 2019 Dreamville, Inc., Under exclusive license to Roc Nation Records


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60 Responses

  1. 1k subs with no videos xD says:

    jcole officially the goat hes the uncle who dont give af bout his dirty car

  2. WinterBluez says:

    RAP IS BACK – Like if u agree

  3. Godjan says:

    only nibbas with gigantic shlongs can like this comment.

  4. Fast Lane Gaming says:

    *_Who remember those „Cole World“ lines back in the days ??_*

  5. Kered says:

    For anybody reading this I wish you success and health and you can get to the spot you been trying to get! Keep hustling and believing in hope!!

  6. Indie Dreamer says:

    J Cole doesn’t need a Grammy, the Grammy needs J Cole

  7. Lamin Bee says:

    So many Points were made starting from 3:12 to the end

  8. Iam FoeReal says:

    0:53 …these is red bottoms these is bloody shoes…

  9. eduardo orozco says:


    J cole fans: you gotta be smart to understand his rap

  10. heyitsmarkisaaa says:

    Yo I get it. The white lady saw the black girl with baby hairs and a “ratchet” outfit and then she went to the store and bought the same thing. Just goes to show how we can never have anything for our own we created babyhairs but they stole it and claimed it. It’s been this way since the dark ages

    • Papper Iposten says:

      heyitsmarkisaaa white people don’t get baby hairs

    • Lydia Abiola says:

      Just like how black girls constantly straighten their hair? Btw, white people do have baby hairs

    • it’s D a n d y says:

      i dont think baby hairs really matter thou, focus on something they’ve stolen thats important, though i think all cultures should agree that our shared culture is bringing more people together instead of causing more comflict, straight hair, tight curls, brown skin, light skin, we’re all the same and attacking people over certain small things is just us finding a way to separate ourselves and resist coming together

  11. FLACS SQUID says:

    Whoever doesn’t like this comment must not like this song.
    Like if You love this song!

  12. Aw6ken says:

    J Cole is one of my biggest inspirations ? he’s been killing it for years. I’m a rap artist and hope to collab with him one day. Give me a listen, I’ll surprise you.

    • *GGG* says:

      this bum ass deleted his first comment beacause he was getting hate . lmao your music still trash and that aint changing . fuck your music . that shit shouldnt even be called music

    • MrEer218 says:

      “Ask for a feature”

    • Jakub Špendlík says:

      You spam under every video and write the exactly same shit, only change the name of “your biggest inspiration”. I won’t listen to your music even if it’s good just because you’re bitch ass scum. Get fans some more respectable way.

    • Kyle Nissen says:

      Yo Aw6ken you killin shit. I’m surprised anybody can say otherwise

    • Barak Shahbaz says:

      Fuck you you lost all respect when u sucked urself off with that self promo fuck outta here

  13. Drew French says:

    The part at the beginning (0:27) is him bodying everyone at the Grammy’s. (cough..cough…Cardi B…cough)

    Still salty about that?

  14. i u r i says:

    Beat : Hard
    Lyrics : Sick
    Flow : Crazy
    Visuals : Dope
    Cole : Goat
    Hotel : Trivago

  15. Erya Bolonha says:

    Here before 1M views
    Middle Childs come through ???‍♀️

  16. sarah06 says:

    no girls, no money, no diamonds that’s a real legend right here. nuff said.

  17. ang 07 says:

    the dislikes came either from the older child or the younger child

  18. CanTV says:

    North Carolina Stand up. Shout out to Cole from Fayetteville, the director from Raleigh, and ME from Winston. #supportnc

  19. Sniper J says:

    Cole is a big inspiration to me and I hope to meet him one day. If you got a second, listen to one of my songs. You’d be surprised.

  20. Mus says:

    Cole World ❤
    I put up an acoustic cover of this song and mixed it with A Lot by 21 savage. Please check it out if you have the time!

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