Ja Morant Said This After Jordan Poole Injured His Knee… Warriors Beat Grizzlies (GAME 3)

Ja Morant Said This After Jordan Poole Injured His Knee… Warriors Beat Grizzlies (GAME 3)

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54 Responses

  1. JumpmanGerm says:

    Did Jordan Poole “Break The Code” With A Dirty Play? Or Was It Unintentional?

    • Enzo Blitz says:

      Yes a dirty play

    • RT650 says:

      @Tyrone Jacobs knock it off, you sound foolish especially after defending Brooks dirty play.🥲🤣😂

    • Tyrone Jacobs says:


    • RT650 says:

      @LOST IN WRLD like Curry said, no comparison to Brooks foul and what the Grizzlies claim about Poole, because he swiped the ball 🏀 the first time then grabbed his knee for a milli second and now they want to mock Kerr with “ Broke the code” 🤣😂ridiculous, Grizzlies making them selfs look real bad right now after all that shit talking 🤣😂

  2. pan pan says:

    Nah if the knee grabbing was the cause, Ja should have reacted on the spot. It looked like it was an excuse for the blowout and leave early

    • Calli Dawkins says:

      Thank you .. ballistics.

    • Six 20 says:

      Have y’all ever gotten hurt playing a sport, it’s usually not instant 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Beecool Man says:

      Lame excuse…

    • DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! says:

      More than anything else, that wasn’t on purpose nor was it even reckless. You’re going to get bumped, grabbed and hit when you play. But I get it. I would be mad too if I was in Aja’s position. But being objective, that’s just part of playing.

    • Bobby2Times says:

      @geralto frivia of course ja knows what’s understood doesent need to be said

  3. Seth Bacon says:

    It’s pretty obvious that the knee bump and that one fly by on Klay were what caused the injury over the missed grab cause that means JP would have a gorilla grip to cause any damage.

    • John Way says:

      Doesn’t matter, Pool grabbed him intentionally on the knee, he’s not dumb.

    • Archankumar myana says:

      @Yanki ok so why was he pushing ja with the one hand while he was pulling the knee in the opposite direction. That was clearly intentional. May be not to injure him but he knew that he was fouling but didn’t care. He intentionally played dirty.

    • Michael Ojo says:

      @William Jones you are the Prosecutor and the Judge. This tells a lot of the person you are and your maturity in social discussions. 🤣🤣🤣

    • K. A. Bowman says:

      Gorilla grip? 💀💀💀

    • LOST IN WRLD says:

      Actually that little pull could’ve torn his meniscus believe it or not 😂 landing wrong and getting ur leg pulled can tear something

  4. mike rios says:

    Ja’s right knee was already hurt before that. Watch the film during the Anderson ejection. You can see Ja grabbing at his right knee and limping!

    • Eric W says:

      @Scott James Check out Brian Sutterer MD’s channel about this play. He explains how Poole’s grab would not have been enough, nor in the right location or with force in the right direction, to cause that injury–Morant was rubbing the inside part of the knee.

    • Cowboys Athletics says:

      @Joël West shut up Memphis fan get ready to sing some memphis blues!!!

    • dre27321 says:

      @CyberV2077 1. He was going for the ball 2. Grab the exact spot Poole grabbed and yank it, that shit would not cause any injury 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Casiemny says:

      @RcGuitarCovers Lame

  5. johnny utah says:

    Isn’t breaking the code mean giving a hard foul to a player in a vulnerable position? If so how is Ja in a vulnerable position during that play?

    • Cheyenne Smith III says:

      if you know someone is hurt and u try to hurt them even more THATS A VULNERABLE SITUATION

    • 414 Mufasa says:

      @DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! plenty of ppl got fouled like GP2 got fouled in NBA history and all it resulted in was a brawl the GP2 play was dirty and the injury was a result of the dirty play Poole seeing Ja buckle when he contested Klay then grabbing and yanking that same knee is what neutral? Clean? Ig I gotta buy a Warriors jersey to conveniently understand “the code” to playoff basketball again

    • ChunChunMaru says:

      @Javier Carrillo the younger generation is entitled. they act like they have it the hardest and act mad when they dnt things their way

  6. J Malonzo says:

    No, JP didn’t injure his knee. it was more of Ja Morant overextending both knees and legs when he hit Thompson on mid-air. These young players need to think of not sacrificing so much of their bodies, and how they move. I think every team needs a physiologist or a sports trainer that has expertise of body mechanics, sports training and how to maximize potential without exerting a lot of work or force. That includes nutrition, strength training and conditioning. Not every contact that players make is intentional as these events happens so fast. But the flagrant from Dillon should be flagrant 2 with 2 to 3 games suspension, so players know they shouldn’t do these types of fouls to any player to win. But man, the Dubs won this game with heart and as a team for Gary’s absence.

  7. L Daws - says:

    I said it back in December, the man was bound to hurt his knees the way he’s jumping around all over and the aggressive style he plays. It hurts to see a player of his caliber get any injuries. To blame it on Poole is a reach, definitely incidental contact. Ja is sulking after a big loss. I really like his effort and skill on the court but I’m beginning to really dislike him for his antics. Dude getting way too cocky and the Warriors bout to humble the kid here (by beating him of course). He kinda needs to lose this series, can’t have a dude doing whack ass dances every game when he isn’t even the best player in the league. Also I’m not a Warriors or Grizz fan, just throwing all this out there.

    • Al Catraz says:

      he and westbrick should do a goofy dance-off

    • splibs43 says:

      If him being young and dancing makes people believe he’s being cocky then I guess that’s a code too. I honestly believes he’s an exciting young player who’s gonna bring a lot of revenue to the NBA because it’s players like him who have people tuned in to watch the playoffs. I can’t speak for others but I’m sure it’s a lot of people who look forward to watching a player like Ja. I from the Chi and grew up watching Magic Johnson and the Lakers until MJ was gifted to us with the 3rd pick and Detroit was always in our way until our time came and went LOL! Anyways guys like Kobe, D-Wade, and Bron just always brought something more to the game besides a 3 pointer and that’s what Ja Brings. I don’t know about everyone else but I like seeing people getting dunked on and 360 lay-ups and if anyone of them guys that I named were or are left open they can pop the 3 too.

    • Al Shabazz says:

      I actually like Jah but I was saying the same thing. His head getting too big. Starting to get arrogant with it.

    • Pierre McClardy says:

      He clearly gragged his knee and held on to it

  8. K a k a s h i says:

    JP was just playin hustle defense. The shit on Gary Payton 2 tho.. that shit was intentional. Big difference.

    • Elijah Catacutan says:

      @Jerry Spence pool better have a grip stronger than a gorilla to cause any damage to a fully grown proffessional athlete’s knee

    • Cat C says:

      @Jerry Spence that’s not where he hurt his knee, he hurt it running at klay

    • MenaceBeats Official says:

      @bs will definitely not intentional. Ja took a hard hit when he collided with klay and continued to play when he should’ve been evaluated at that point. That baby grab didn’t do anything and before that grab he tweaked it again by landing hard.

    • I says:

      @Auston Smith he didn’t grab it all bruh he literally had 3 fingers on it

    • I says:

      @Jerry Spence he only had 3 fingers on it, he barely tapped it y’all are so blind and delusional

  9. JAY? says:

    dude is jumping all over the place and landing awkward like the play on klay just now thinking those wont have effect his knees, my man needs to slowdown. Getwell soon and Congrats to the Dubs🏀🏀🏀👊👊👊

  10. A. Syching says:

    Unfortunate as it may, he a clown for blaming a grab. Really, that could injure you know? More like that awkward 1 foot landing when he defended klay.

    • John Way says:

      Because the grab was clearly intentional why the bumps weren’t… it’s not rocket science cmon….

    • Kellz Kratos says:

      @Pippen Urbe bro I know ja with this much athleticism is injury prone never said he wasn’t I’m sorry but nothing anybody is saying to me is explaining JP GRABBIN HIS knee like wtff I’ve never seen that before maybe it was an accident I don’t know I just don’t like it

    • Pippen Urbe says:

      @Kellz Kratos You have to remember that these athletes play at a quick pace than the regular pace regular people play in. Like the comment that @Hypser made, Poole was only making a play by following up on the poke he did with the ball as any good player would. Regardless of whoever the player was, Jordan Poole would have always swiped to be able to get possession of the ball. And let’s all be honest, since Ja was the biggest force keeping Memphis alive, he was allowed to do a lot of crazy stunts offensively in which a lot of those could have lead to injury, it was only a matter of when. If you disagree then you should look at Jamal Murray, Derrick Rose, Paul George and a lot more NBA Players that had crazy athleticism and ended up having major injuries.

    • Pippen Urbe says:

      @Bryant Booker because you have to remember that a knee is a joint. It is not vulnerable and weak enough to just get pulled another way from where it’s supposed to. That will require a great amount of strength to dislocate just by pulling/yanking it from this play that we have seen.

    • Bee Jeeezy says:

      When he did a flying knee

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