Jack White – Connected By Love

Jack White – Connected By Love

Music video for Jack White’s new single “Connected by Love” from the forthcoming album BOARDING HOUSE REACH. Get the single here: http://smarturl.it/ConnectedByLove?IQid=officialytvevo

Director – Pasqual Gutierrez
Producer – Rich Salamone
Executive Producer – Jerad Anderson
Video Commissioner – Saul Levitz

DP – Trevor Wineman
Production Designer – Philip Steiger
Wardrobe Stylist – Annette Aispuro
1st AD – Jesse Hays
Production Manager – Ryan Murray
Production Coordinator – Cassie Crosby

LA Unit:
1st AC – Danilo Rodriguez
2nd AC – Ajiri Akpolo
Gaffer – Mike Misslin
Key Grip – Darrel Ditri
Hair/Makeup – Crystal Nardico
Wardrobe Assistant – Kelsey Hart
Art PA – Jake Miller
PA – Jorge Espinosa

Nashville Unit:
1st AC – Cole Carpenter
2nd AC – Tracy Facelli
Gaffer – Kyle Hutson
Key Grip – Justin Sulham
Hair/Makeup – Anais Shiba
PA – Braden Winfree
PA – David Shaw
Talent PA – Israel Garcia

Editor – Chad Sarahina
Additional Editors – Ben Mullinkosson and Jack Mullinkosson
VFX – Tanner Merrill
Color – Brandon Chavez

A special thank you to Dan Donovan at Panavision Hollywood

Twins – Luke & Jackson Hershey
Mother – Wendy Hershey
Grandmother – Popo
Granddaughter – Christine Yuan
Mijo – Michael Almaguer
Abuelita – Yuny Parada
Friend 1 – John Garcia
Friend 2 – Michael Peralta
Rival 1 – Aldo Sandoval
Rival 2 – Herbert Morales
Rival 3 – Ceasar Icelo
Newscaster VO – Jackie Zhou and Aldo Diaz

(C) 2018 Third Man Records under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, and XL Recordings Ltd.


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45 Responses

  1. Lila Way says:

    I love these videos for how beautiful the scenery is in them.

  2. Matheus Costa says:

    This song is gold, mixing this new eletronic elements but keeping his style with pianos and guitars filled with fuzz and distortion. With all the shitstorm spreading all over the globe, I’m really happy to be living in the same age Jack White and many other great artists keep making awesome music and art. God bless him.

  3. Julian Del Gobbo says:

    The legend himself is back!

  4. Saurav Kumar says:

    Love the new sound. The video is great too. Can’t wait for the new album.

  5. Mary Ann Madeja says:

    It’s a gonna be a great year for your fans. Good job Jack.

  6. Leonard Junior Hungwe says:

    I loved it from the beginning, I was completely sold with the harmonies! Damn! This man is amazing

    • Layla Reeves says:

      I loved it from the bits he released from the album and am so excited he chose this as his first single. How stunning! I think I teared up lol

  7. Felipe Rendon says:


  8. Sabine Terán says:

    I fucking love this, so intense.

  9. Meg Ire says:

    Jack saved 2018

  10. Fred Maltais says:

    This organ solo gave me chills

    • Nicholas White says:

      Fred Maltais Neal Evans!! Please check him out, he’s grossly underrated. 4 on 6 by Lettuce is a good place to start

  11. AlexLawliet says:

    Will the album be announced this Friday? Artwork, Songs, Tour?

  12. Ryan Flinn says:

    Thank you, Jack. For being the only legendary musician of this generation and for setting the bar so. damn. high…. Nobody compares. GOAT

  13. MrDv8r says:

    Would love to see Jack White on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

    • Layla Reeves says:

      Ha! What a snack down. Isn’t Joe a conservative?

    • MrDv8r says:

      I’d say he’s pretty centered, but that aside their conversations would be amazing, joe is a great interviewer and jack is probably one of the best interviewees

    • Alex Blake says:

      Layla Reeves Joe’s fanbase is predominately right wing, but Joe is pretty centered. I think that’s what makes him such a great host. He’s always open to people’s opinions and will hear them out.

    • Layla Reeves says:

      Alex Blake I’ve seen a few of his comedy specials and he’s funny as hell. I’ve never watched his show though. Maybe I’ll check it out on YouTube. I’d watch Jack on anything.

    • Alex Blake says:

      Layla Reeves I agree. The interview Jack did with Conan is a damn masterpiece in my opinion.

  14. Stephen R says:

    A Masterpiece by a true Master…

  15. Alfonso Monroy IV says:

    Black mirror….

  16. 2D Ronin says:

    Ugh…what a mediocre song.

  17. Kazim Jafar says:

    Still waiting for Jack White and Jack Black collab

  18. Beyond ARTV says:


  19. bea says:

    great lars von trier reference

  20. TheSorrowgirl001 says:

    I have to say, I don’t like it :'(

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