Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss (Official Lyric Video)

Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss (Official Lyric Video)

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Special thanks to Daniel for being in the video
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Directed by Jesse Ray Diamond

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20 Responses

  1. bob builder says:

    I mean lyrics suck ass but it’s a bop I fuk w it

  2. Kyle 14 says:

    Already got 52 THOUSAND Dislikes in 6 hours

  3. Churro says:

    Now this ladies and gentlemen , is what you call cringe

  4. Liam Saul says:

    when u realise Jacob’s mom is probably driving the car. jacob out here

  5. NoHacksButDerp says:

    Just one question…


  6. Some Chord5 says:


  7. Joi Hubbard says:

    This song is 100,000,00x better than his first song?

  8. Liesl S says:

    is this a joke?

  9. Princess Maddie says:

    This isn’t as actually bad. ? but tbh this auto tune is over. Like we get
    your voice is terrible

  10. Katie P says:

    Where’s the seatbelt?

  11. Margareth Charmant says:

    love this new song

  12. Cristal Loyala cool girl says:

    love this song

  13. s HappySomeone says:

    Everyone please pray for the car seat that Jacob sat on.That car seat has
    been through one of the worst torturous things in life. It needs your

  14. hello_kitty hello_kitty says:

    he’s like 13 and he’s driving with a girl that can drive at lease 17

  15. meghan lamonte says:

    Cheap wannabe knock off of Mac Miller

  16. Nela A says:

    This is all Auto tune….

  17. Roasted Nubson says:

    This is ear rape

  18. Jelysce Brown says:

    Hit or miss is gear but I don’t get it because u was just sitting in the
    car and lips singing ? but it was amazing song

  19. nick Ol says:

    This is a miss , bouta drink bleach too

  20. Hitman 47 says:

    Leafy save us