Jada Pinkett Smith on Reveals Drug-Dealing Past + Marriage Secrets + Talks “Girl’s Trip” Movie

Jada Pinkett Smith on Reveals Drug-Dealing Past + Marriage Secrets + Talks “Girl’s Trip” Movie

Jada Pinkett Smith Opens About Once Selling Drugs + Talks Reality of Her Relationship

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20 Responses

  1. ProjectDystopia says:

    Jada always bringing the wisdom……., she’s always been an old soul.

  2. 3 Good Guys says:

    Jada has been around for a minute, played in a lot of classics from Menace to society and Set It Off

  3. Shenyae Turner says:

    Tupacs best friend ❀️

  4. Player 101 says:

    Black don’t crack. She still fine af.

  5. Gary Stallings says:

    Jada was, is, and always be the TRUTH.

  6. Dhodg says:

    Heather B be always eying people up and down lowkey lol

  7. PrOj21Us says:

    Sry, but Jada doesn’t look like the old Jada. I know she’s alot older now, I couldn’t recognize her until she spoke.

  8. Ren Newton says:

    Is #Shade45 owned by #Eminem bc the E is turned backwards and the D looks like the one from #D12 and 3 +4+5=12 #D12. ..I’m just sayin


  9. I AIN'T NO JOKE ! says:

    I like her” black woman with class

  10. Yesh X says:

    16:45 you’re welcome

  11. Dominique Norton says:

    As Charlemagne would say that’s vintage vagina πŸ’―

  12. DA BAD GUY !!! says:

    jada must of been the hottest drug dealer on the block.

  13. William Morris says:

    Sway act like him and Pac was blood brothers… DOUBT IT!

  14. Michelle Elmore says:

    I wished she was able to do the movie elaine brown who lead the Black Panther Party when Huey left it to her

  15. alex gatiti says:

    jada seems like a real woman.She is the type to marry a mailman and hold a nigga down unlike these thirsty thots.Will a lucky man

  16. joyman07 says:

    15:45 the Tupac part .

  17. Devon Morgan says:

    Hey Sway can you please do an interview with your 🎩off, @ the subscribers request

  18. Rj G says:

    she shouldn’t have played with her face smh

  19. Legit Scuffer says:

    Jada was suuuuuper bad in Low down dirty shame… BAD AF

  20. king Gotti says:


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