Jada Pinkett Smith Speaks on No African Americans Being Nominated for the Oscars.

Jada Pinkett Smith Speaks on No African Americans Being Nominated for the Oscars.

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20 Responses

  1. David Dunson says:

    absolutely brilliant!

  2. Unfoldedwarrior says:

    now that hollywood has fucked.. used and abused you.. now its time to reach
    out.. loool..

  3. seadooman o says:

    also is the United negro college fund racist, I feel it is

  4. Michael McKague says:

    @Lone Aryan You can even spell haha dipshit.

  5. ShortyXC says:

    Lmao Oohhh noo, no black people got nominated. Get over yourself bitch

  6. Mezlo George says:

    She tries to act like this is an issue for black people. Real issues for
    black people are the fact that homelessness, unemployment, and crime is all
    too common in black neighborhoods. I doubt most black people care about her
    husband not receiving a metal statue for pretending to be someone else on
    camera and getting paid millions to do so.

  7. TheToekutter says:

    Concussion sucked.

  8. dreamerdazegirl says:

    Something about this just seems off. I get the point that there weren’t any
    black nominations or whatever. But what about focusing on more real issues?
    This just honestly sounded like some “rich celebrity problems”. People are
    actually suffering, dying, and being put to shame. And she sits there in
    her big mansion fighting over not getting an “invite”. There’s just so much
    more we could be fighting for, so much more she could’ve chosen to stand
    for than just “black entertainment” because that right now is not the
    issue. I have yet to see the Smiths speak out on anything that’s REALLY
    going on with the struggling black community. But the minute they don’t get
    an invite, they scream black discrimination.

  9. rev 96 says:

    What black movie was even good this year? And don’t say that overrated bet
    movie nwa

  10. OzzMarz 2K16 says:

    HEY Jada. …what you need to do is shut DA FUCK UP’!!..ITS 2016..not
    1916….there has been many black politicians, even one becoming
    president..that could have addressed grievances had by black folks..but
    chose NOT to…go lecture THEM. ..and with all the bullshit we have had in
    the last 7years, Ferguson, St.Louis,CHICAGO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!……BUT
    ALL OF SUDDEN ,just because SOME BLACK actors don’t get a Oscar nomination,
    ITS IMPORTANT TO BE BLACK AGAIN. ..give me a break….when was the last
    time YOU and YOUR weirdo SCIENTOLOGY HUSBAND OF your DID something for the
    black community

  11. Big_Potato_dad says:

    do you not know how the nominations work? I mean, you are an actress, so
    why didn’t you vote for a POC?

  12. Ruckus Piper says:

    Neeson got snubbed, you see him bitching? Nope!

  13. JEDSaje15 says:

    So she really is Fish Mooney…

  14. Thelilchurro! says:

    This video would actually have a concern to me if it didn’t have black
    bars. #noverticalvideo lol

  15. Rose San says:


  16. Prophet Reckless says:

    Who cares idc

  17. Alicia Rutter says:

    her whispering fake voice bothers me

  18. 1994CPK says:

    nobody gives a shit about a stupid concussion movie. your husband is a fine
    actor but it sucked ass.

  19. MiniFigureKIDD says:

    Everyone in this comment section screaming at each other, being racist af,
    and typing fucking essays about racism and I’m just like:
    Why can’t we all be equal? I’m not talking only about races, I’m talking
    about sexuality, religion, gender. It’s all about being at the same level
    as everyone else. Is it that hard to just accept others for who they are?

  20. kidman104 says:

    Yeah this is why people like u should get cancer and die u stupid ass nigga