Jake Paul – Im Single (Official Music Video)

Jake Paul – Im Single (Official Music Video)

idk if i told yall.. but im single now.. ??? if you’re heartbroken too, save “Im Single” to your music library ?? http://bit.ly/IMSINGLE

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INSTAGRAM ➤ https://www.instagram.com/JakePaul
TWITTER ➤ http://twitter.com/JakePaul

Director – JakePaul & RariEsthetics
Producer – Ryan Bussjaeger & Andy Altig
Executive producer – RariEsthetics
Co-Ex producer – Louie Torrellas in affiliation with Ambitious Media
Camera op – Brian Beckwith & RariEsthetics
Director of Photography – Brian Beckwith
Editor – RariEsthetics & Jake Paul
Colorist – Bryan Smaller
VFX – RariEsthetics
Behind the scenes – Brandon Amato
Grip – Collen
SFX – William
Extra hands – Adan Castillo Jr, Giovanni Mayoral, Adam Quinn

Special thanks:
Jay liverichmedia
Louie Torrellas Ambitious Media
Michael and Paul Victor

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31 Responses

  1. Jake Paul says:

    THANKS FOR WATCHING I LOVE YALL!! dont forget to subscribe & save the song to your music library ??http://bit.ly/IMSINGLE

  2. Mohammed Shehla says:

    How do ppl actually like this??

    • Lit Costello says:

      Because they are 12 and haven’t developed a proper taste in music yet I’m 22 and I dropped by just to see how much of a mess it was

  3. CharlieTHH says:

    I prefer you without a girl Jake x

  4. Louise Elizabeth says:

    Ffs can the music industry get any worse…yes???‍♀️

  5. Frank Loewen says:

    Good song know make a song I’m back whith Erica

  6. J.dubbs451 says:

    Your trying way to hard to sound like lil peep

  7. prince says:

    Which kid wrote these lyrics?

  8. J money says:

    I watched this on my flip phone so my view doesn’t register

  9. buzzy says:

    Rebecca Black has more talent than you

  10. AydanCuZyNot says:

    And you wonder why

  11. Impractical Kidder says:

    Why is this trending ???

  12. ShadowHumor says:

    Stop making music

  13. Ali Tahir says:

    I deleted my watch history so my friends don’t see it.

  14. olta says:

    Who else came here just to dislike? ?

  15. Hashim _____ says:

    I swear no1 gives af about you being single

  16. ; says:

    No one asked for this

  17. Srisha V says:

    So much auto tune but still so out of tune

  18. ; says:

    This…. This is really bad

  19. Stella Animations says:

    good keep it that way

  20. Teresa Braker says:

    Im been single my whole life so stop complaining… like really

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