Jake Tapper calls out Kellyanne Conway for false ‘assassination attempt’ claim

Jake Tapper calls out Kellyanne Conway for false ‘assassination attempt’ claim

via CNN

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20 Responses

  1. NoDogmaMama says:

    Dirty tricks from the scumbag Trumps

  2. Grey Mouser says:

    KC….the Harpy for the modern age

  3. Celienet says:

    You can see how fat he is.

  4. Pinco Palino says:

    Silvio Berlusconi already tried to pull a similar publicity stunt years ago
    with his faked heart attack – when a US presidential candidate has to
    descend to the same tactics as Silvio Berlusconi you know you’re screwed.

  5. NekoMouser says:

    Partially calls her out. He let her ramble and babble on about Jay-Z
    instead of making her answer the question. There was no weapon, there was
    no overt or threatening action, the retweet was done well after Don Jr.
    KNEW it was not an assassination attempt. Make her actually answer WHY they
    are claiming that it was and don’t let her make these fake little unrelated
    second-grade debate tactic “deals” to get out of answering the question. Be
    an actual journalist in other words.

  6. Michael Farley says:

    Sorry Ms. Conway, he’s not a Democrat, he just knows that Trump is unworthy
    of the office. So he’s voting Sec. Clinton, like many Republicans.

  7. Kallison says:

    I think it was all a Trump campaign set-up. Trump did not look surprised
    when the Secret Service intervened. Everyone knows Trump is afraid of his
    own shadow so his reaction was too calm.
    Good try though, Kellyanne and company.

  8. Bill Pettigrew says:

    This woman is ridiculous a man holds up a sign his supporters attacked the
    guy and some moron yelled gun. This follows them throwing out a “black”
    Trump supporter out of a rally when he tried to hold up a sign. This is the
    paranoia the Trump’s hate speech generates and his loser son claiming his
    big brave daddy survived a assignation attempt is another example of the
    lies that permeates his campaign. This Harpy will go back under the rock
    she slithered out from under come Nov, 9

  9. ikmyeong ikmyeong says:

    That woman is fake like Trump.

  10. KillAllTheRednecks2 says:

    The Trumpanzees are growing more and more desperate by the hour. They’re
    flooding the Internet with one lie after another because they know it can’t
    be fact-checked in time before Election Night. They’re deranged, vile
    little man-children and I hope they go down in defeat.

  11. Gerrit Zwiep says:

    This lady, like trump. never answers the quiestion directly…she is so
    full of sh*t

  12. Derrick Washington says:

    Now intelligent people know damn well that this wasn’t an assassination
    attempt. It was a PISSED OFF REPUBLICAN who ISN’T voting for garbage Trump,
    but Trump and his campaign KNOWS that his idiotic and gullible supporters
    will believe ANYTHING. I haven’t even read the comments yet, but I bet that
    there are HUNDREDS of idiotic, gullible, and racist Trump supporters who
    believe what this idiot and his idiotic surrogate are telling you.

    You people have to be the dumbest people on Earth, and THIS is why Trump
    stages bullshit like this. Look at the moment when the Secret Service took
    him off the stage. He didn’t even LOOK cared. He looked as if he was
    waiting on that moment.

    He’s just doing this to deflect from the FACT that his wife worked in the
    country ILLEGALLY. He can’t fool me, but he fooled you idiots.

  13. davidrbecken says:

    I have to say that this idiot woman’s level of delusion is perfect for the
    Trump campaign. Cant wait till she is unemployed and I dont have to see

  14. Pat Brennan says:

    This woman will need years of therapy to become a normal human being again.
    It truly may be too late for her.

  15. Thomas Grabinski says:

    Why do they ever interview her…. she’s a complete asshole!!

  16. emufan1 says:

    This woman is a moron. Wow wow wow

  17. SmileySmilerton says:

    What a magnificent twat she is. She is stunned beyond all belief.

  18. Letheification says:

    Asks why you push propaganda, deflects to Clinton like a good brainwashed
    Drumpfer. You just made yourself look dumber, and that was quite an

  19. Michael T says:

    Now THAT’S how you grab a PUSSY!

  20. H. THINKER says:

    every time trump or skankway talks it is a LIE……..every time