Jalen Rose: Lakers signing Rajon Rondo opens door for Lonzo Ball trade | Get Up! | ESPN

Jalen Rose: Lakers signing Rajon Rondo opens door for Lonzo Ball trade | Get Up! | ESPN

Jalen Rose discusses the possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers trading Lonzo Ball after signing veteran point guard Rajon Rondo.

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94 Responses

  1. J Jac says:

    Rondo could mentor lonzo

  2. Dylan Gray says:

    Lebron doesn’t want lonzo gone so he ain’t going

  3. ZOMBiĖ says:

    I think Rondo is going to serve as a mentor to Lonzo instead of a replacement

  4. Barbara A Barnes says:

    Yes. Rajon Rondo does make others play better for sure. He’s good. He’s a team player.

  5. Jay Lee says:

    Rondo over deflated ball anyday

  6. zero says:

    lavar about to break lonzo other knee to decrease trade value

  7. Dale Miller says:

    Rondo can still ball. He’s still all-star caliber, he’s not old yet either at 32. If he plays 30 mins a night he’ll be a huge asset to the Lakers.

  8. Lil Dagga says:

    Imagine trading a 20 year old who almost averaged a Triple Double as a rookie and Lebron wants him couldn’t be me

    • Mike McGirr says:

      imagine getting a 70 on a test and it counting as a 100. With your logic, there is none…

    • Rob C says:

      He’s averaging 43 mpg, and shooting at 32%. Fuck off with your almost scrub trash.

    • Halicy Yates says:

      Zach Harrelson 90% of great players have great rookie seasons, players that turn out to be shit have shitty rookie season but not always either way it’s very clear Lonzo will not be a superstar ever, he might turn out to be decent at best but for now it looks like he’s headed in the direction of being a shit player that’s just my opinion

    • Jbox W says:

      7 uncontested rebounds 10 garbage time points 2/10 from the field and 4/10 free throws

    • Brando Williams says:

      Lil Dagga I don’t think they want to trade him at all they didn’t bring back Isaiah Thomas they needed another point guard Josh Hart is going to be playing a lot of shooting guard most likely because they don’t have anyone Jaylen is stupid bad he just says stuff for real

  9. Drake ϟ says:

    People forgetting rondo is 6’1 and lonzo is 6’6 maybe 6’7. why get rid of a younger better version of the player.. stupid af.

  10. OpHal says:

    The Lakers should trade LaVar Ball

  11. Elegant Toilet says:

    those stats are brought down by Ball’s shooting, Rondo was much better efficiency wise

    • Elegant Toilet says:

      J-Strokes Rondo is clearly the better player right now. Rondo is a better playmaker, better decision maker, better OVERALL defense, better in clutch situations, better 3pt shooter, better leader on the court and in the locker room. The Lakers would be smart to keep Lonzo, because obv he’s younger than Rondo, and Rondo along with Lebron can mentor him. Rondo prob gets 30 mins a night ext season, Lonzo might start off the ball or Rondo might come off bench, don’t matter tho, minutes will be close. Hopefully Lonzo can keep up with Rondo, I don’t want to see the Lakers move him if and when Rondo starts out playing him on a nightly basis.

    • SD Bo says:

      Rondo gonna make Zo earn his spot.

    • Nathan B says:

      Zo was 19

    • Daniel Williams says:

      Rondo getting old too.

    • SwervinOnDemFoez FKA SODH*ez says:

      Comparing lonzo to rondo is like comparing, jason williams to steve nash, different type of player. Good at alot of the same things but one is gunna be a hell of alot more effiecent at it.

  12. first name last name says:

    I would totally engage in sexual intercourse with Beadle

  13. Elegant Toilet says:

    there’s seriously no point to listen to anyone but Jalen here. lol, i literally just skip through the video when the other two talking heads start up.

  14. C Jones says:


  15. OpHal says:

    I ordered a Dominoes Pizza last night…..and Liangelo Ball showed up to my door 30 minutes later

  16. krlm2280 says:

    Rondo there to show Lonzo how to run an NBA team or I should say be a more vocal quarterback of the offense not be so passive as a point guard magic know what he doing

    • Mike Rodriguez says:

      49DRmc well rondo is a champ,so bum ass lonzo trash better sit on the bench and learn from him …if anything make lonzo the 3rd team..rondo,lance as back up and lonzo trash for garbage time

    • thekingbradable says:

      Are we also forgetting that Rondo is still currently a better player than Lonzo? Ever positive aspect of Lonzo’s game Rondo does better lol

    • krlm2280 says:

      49DRmc ball doesn’t have a choice it’s a competition but the veterans they just signed it’s a no-brainer Rondo will be the starter and he’ll Lonzo might not be there he might get traded we don’t know what’s going on but I know Rondo it’s borderline Hall of Famer and one of the best pure point guards in the league

    • krlm2280 says:

      thekingbradable preach!

    • willie hooper says:

      krlm2280 see… you get it

  17. Taylormade says:

    How did Lavar Ball become famous and get all of this money?

  18. Bitcoin Baller! says:

    LaVar is not smart enough to think this far ahead, but LaVar’s big, yuckmouth is making Lonzo untradeable, so Lonzo can be a Laker at least for 4 years, guaranteed, because nobody else will take him off the Lakers hands, mostly because of LaVar

  19. Tony Hemetona says:

    Lebron likes Lonzo so he for sure staying

  20. TheRealBeatMaster says:

    I wanna see him traded just for the LaVar interviews

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