James Corden & Ariana Grande Visit an Escape Room

James Corden & Ariana Grande Visit an Escape Room

Since Ariana Grande loves Halloween and being scared, James takes her to a haunted escape room and they both are terrified while trying to get out. Thank you to 60OUT Escape Rooms. Learn more about visiting one: https://www.60out.com/

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34 Responses

  1. :/ :/ says:

    I need a future as bright as Ariana’s shoes.

  2. user mane says:

    I swear she got funnier.

  3. Md. Rifat says:

    Ariana: I like to be scared . We should do a escape room together.
    2 min later : plz tell me when ur knocking the wall so I don’t s*it in my pants 😂😂😂

  4. didi 1 says:

    *don’t fall for him*
    me : 4:33

  5. What Is Up says:

    OMG I DIED AT 2:09😂😂😂

  6. - Dawn • says:

    “You told me it was an escape room not hell” lmfaooo

  7. army nator says:


    3:12 omgg I CAN’T 😂😭😂
    4:31 omggggggggg I’M DEADDDD

  8. Jemm _xs says:

    The insult of the century 2:09 😂 it is clear, it comes from the heart !!! 😂 ( we are sorry for the actress who does her job 😂😂 )

  9. lisandra torres says:

    ariana & james best duo ever

  10. K Sings says:

    Wow Ariana is literally me if i went in an escape room but I would’ve started crying the first time wanting to leave.😂😂

  11. Sweet Ariana says:

    Ariana is my queen but when she fell that hurt me 😂

  12. Maja B says:

    4:23 when James chucks the book at the zombie man😂😂😭

  13. Diana Cruz says:

    This video is too short… I could watch them all day 😂

  14. Mert Can Erkuş says:

    So they did that before her carpool karaoke 🤔

  15. Chiara :3 says:

    The real question is:Why are Ariana’s shoes lanterns?

  16. Maya Jazwee says:

    We need more content of Ariana and James .

  17. Lindz Can says:


  18. The Late Late Show with James Corden says:

    crawling slenderman? thats a big no for me, dawg.

  19. Julia I MÀŠTURBÃTE! WÀTČH VIDÉ0! says:

    ariana and james best duo💕

  20. Julia I MÀŠTURBÃTE! WÀTČH VIDÉ0! says:

    💖don’t fa!ll for him💖

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