James Corden Still Thinks He’ll Get Fired from ‘The Late Late Show’

James Corden Still Thinks He’ll Get Fired from ‘The Late Late Show’

James Corden revealed to Ellen he was convinced his big move to Los Angeles was going to be very short-lived, because he thought he’d quickly be fired as host of “The Late Late Show.” Fortunately, the Emmy nominee finally decided to settle down and buy a house with his family last year, despite still not being sure what lies ahead for his TV show. Plus, the Tony winner talked about his intense prep to star in a film adaptation of the musical “Cats,” alongside the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, and others.


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51 Responses

  1. Iconic says:


  2. ScarlettP says:

    James is such an incredible singer, he needs to come out with his own album

  3. Savitri Garhwal says:

    James needs to release an album ASAP.

  4. ScarlettP says:

    5:20 James’ laugh is so hilarious ?

  5. Ioanna Athan says:

    James is so humble and sweet!

  6. Julius Yang says:

    James is such a genuine, humble guy and he deserves every bit of success he’s had. He’s so talented and hilarious. Imagine him and Ellen doing a talk show/ stand up comedy together

    • Lindsay Nash says:

      He really is. I saw one of his late night shows with Katie Couric and she played a trick on him that she fell down the steps, he was so so concerned about her lol ♡♡

    • Sam says:

      You must not be English. If you live in Britain, you’ll know how much he’s changed. He’s very different now after being on US tv

    • Lindsay Nash says:

      +Sam oh no I live in the United States, so I’m not sure how he is away from the publicity. I don’t believe everything I read and hear though.. oh and just for the record, I can’t stand our President.

    • Penelope Collett says:

      +Grace X – he’s big buddies with Gordon Ramsay. Go figure? I do enjoy his show tho’, esp carpool karaoke?

  7. goldwincs says:

    There’s no way CBS’s going to fire Corden. I think they hit jackpot by hiring him for the late late show.

    Just compare it to the Craig Ferguson’s pretty obscure and segmented demographic late late show, the difference in popularity is enormous.

    somehow I believe NBC secretly wanting him to be their new Tonight Show guy. Looking back, NBC really love the “everyman”, “politically correct”‘, and “safe” quality in their host, just like in Leno, Fallon, and also in Corden has that too.

    • amal zuhair says:

      goldwincs now I love James to death but Craig Ferguson was freaking amazing it is like the most underrated late night show and late show host.

    • Paige Bradley says:

      selick  Craig was good but he’s completely from James Corden. They’re both great in differwnt ways. I do want to see Craig go on his show and do like a throwback thing or something like that! Bring back the robot Geoff or the horse!

    • apessa pratap says:

      Is this a joke??
      Comparison between James n Craig..
      Only hosts u can compare him with are Conan n Graham Norton….

    • Mimi Petrova says:

      I think Ferguson was leagues above Corden and I actually like Corden. However I agree that CBS would probably hold on to Corden because he’s “safe” like you pointed out.

  8. better secret says:

    Can’t wait for the movie! I looove cats. Not sure about a couple of them being the right fit but ok

  9. Rainy Zion says:

    Happy birthday, Ellen, I love u. James, you can’t be fired cuz you are so good at hosting the late late night Show. Does your head still hurt after Stephen Curry threw the balls at you ?? ?

  10. JasMar says:

    He is much funnier, talented and current than Jimmy F and Jimmy K. Hope his shows stays for many more years.

  11. purujit parashar says:

    He is soo much better than Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel or any of the other late night show hosts

  12. Fernando Simandalahi says:

    James has the most amazing job in the world. I mean … meets Ellen, sings with those Grammy winning artists…

    And so close with Harry Styles!!!

  13. harshit mann says:

    Ellen says ‘okay’

    Audience: Hahaahhaha

  14. NxP says:

    If James gets fired, I’ll start some kind of strike lol

  15. DeVante Foxx says:

    James said “Sycophantically” at 1:27 and that’s a word I have never heard before, but I like it. It’s actually a great word. The Brits sure know their way around words haha.

    Now, I’m going to say ‘sycophantically’ every chance I get lol.

  16. cookiesncream789 says:

    I love James Corden. He’s just a giant teddy bear ?

  17. Grace G. says:

    Ellen & James together!!
    The best interview ever!!!

  18. laluna says:

    THIS is the James Corden I know and love. So calm, sweet and naturally hilarious. Whenever I watch his show, I feel like this side of his personality never comes through and he’s always trying to ham it up for the guests.

  19. Troy Lobaton Gustilo says:

    Didnt realize how humble a comedian could be, until i saw this interview of ellen with james corden and how cordial two of them to each other as well, as a couple of the best comics of late.

  20. KayxTee says:

    Can’t even imagine the Late Late Show without James, probably wouldn’t watch it

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