James Franco Addresses His Sexual Misconduct Allegations

James Franco Addresses His Sexual Misconduct Allegations

James Franco addresses the accusations of sexual misconduct against him and talks about why he isn’t trying to refute the claims.
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James Franco Addresses His Sexual Misconduct Allegations- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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77 Responses

  1. The Man says:

    Accused DOES NOT mean it’s true.

  2. Adrian Mendoza says:

    noo, :/ this is makes me sad.

  3. Tomo says:

    He doesnt want to say it…The claims are bullshit because of people wanting to get attention of him and his current success

  4. TheManosi says:

    I..uh.. uhm..uh..paha..uhIdontknow.. beatsme… Uh.. hm.. ?

  5. Im Brad says:

    He did not do it, he did not.

  6. Algiark says:

    I’m guessing there’s something else at play here that prevents him to be unable to just straight up confirm or deny the accusations.

  7. DanielTheTEMP says:

    “Addresses with non-answers”

  8. AmericanVagrant.com says:

    When asked “has this movement made you question your actions in the past”, the answer must unequivocally be yes, for every man. It has been for me. I’d say this is largely in vain if all men and women don’t take a moment to consider the possibility that they have been the perpetrators of inappropriate sexual behavior.

    • GnomesAmok says:

      So why would somebody who has women falling over themselves to be with him potentially ruin his credibility and career over one girl? It doesn’t add up.

    • Miguel Gordillo says:

      well, think of the louis ck situation. even his ugly ass says how easily he could get into situations alone with women, and take advantage. it’s not even about consent, but putting impressionable fans in nasty situations. we’ll know in time if Franco actually did anything. any crazy accusation made has to be corroborated, backed by other people before anyone should take them seriously. like Roy Moore’s accusers had TONS of backup info and corroboration, to the point where you can’t help but believe it all.

    • J SooHoo says:

      That’s the mentality of a guilty party. Not one person on this planet could ever legitimately claim I sexually harassed them in any fashion so speak for yourself when you say, “unequivocally yes”.

    • ScytheNoire says:

      That’s not true at all. Some men have never been scumbags. Hard to believe, but some men always had morals.

    • Sneaky Bunny says:

      GnomesAmok what the OP is saying is not that everyone is a sexual preditor but rather this is an opportunity to consider how your actions may have been perceived by someone else and whether you should be more considerate in the future. Self reflection is important. As is understanding power imbalances and how they colour and inform consent. If you’re not interested in thinking critically go crawl under a rock but don’t criticize someone who wants to.

  9. Claire Knight says:

    Kinda disappointed Seth didn’t ask about the very public Instagram DM’s Franco sent to that underage girl? Not sure why that also sort of got lost

    • squallofreeves says:

      First of all, people who keeps saying that she’s underaged obviously haven’t read the texts in an objective manner. Girl was in NYC to celebrate her 18th birthday with her mum. She’s literally just days away from turning 18. I get the need to sensationalise the issue from people who wrote the articles, but I don’t get how common folk needs to do that as well. Is it creepy for him to hit on a pretty girl barely even 18? Well, perhaps, but the girl was flirting a little with him as well in the beginning. Did he say he wanted to sleep with her? He didn’t. He asked if they could meet. Did he send her lewd texts? Did he send her lewd photos? Did he pester her after she says she doesn’t want to meet? Guy sees a young pretty girl and decided to hit on her. You can say it’s creepy because of the age difference but don’t get up on your high horse and say it’s a crime.

    • NorthernChev says:

      Seth is an entertainer not a journalist. Not his job. Could have he? Sure. Is that what his show is about? Meh, probably not. This is best left for the tabloids/journalists.

    • BizWiz says:

      I’m James Franco’s age. I do NOT look for girls that just turned legal to hit up privately. That’s a line I have no interest in even getting close to. I’ll take a woman in her 20’s and 30’s.

  10. Neil Harper says:

    I like James Franco’s body of work, and maybe he didn’t do anything wrong, but there are a thousand women who’s names you never heard of that were excellent actors, who did nothing wrong and they never got cast because the wouldn’t sleep with some powerful man. Hollywood sucks for women… now it sucks for men too… equality!

    • Lilac Lizard says:

      Well put & good points Neil!

    • Lilac Lizard says:

      Rohypno, then offer another solution that ensures ALL those female victims who were previously ignored are supported now!

      It’s not that easy

    • Rohypno tist says:

      I’ll do that right after you explain how we’re gonna tell the real victims from the false accusers that are also out there .I refuse to blindly accept every accusation is true and am not prepared to destroy the lives of innocent men without a fair chance to prove their innocence . What happened to innocent until proven guilty ? This is why most people are also against the death penalty , it’s not acceptable that even 1 innocent person gets executed . Why is it acceptable to destroy a mans life because of false charges ?

    • Lilac Lizard says:

      Rohypno, civil court cases are decided as guilty based on “balance of probability” not “guilty beyond reasonable doubt” the stats on the number of women who have experienced sexual harassment v the stats on the number of men who have had false allegations made against them personally means that on the balance of probability these allegations are true.

      So yes in this situation, when both parties will suffer if the decision is wrong, the criteria for a guilty verdict is much lower. It is just as unacceptable for 1 female victim to be destroyed because she wasn’t believed as it is for a man to be destroyed by false allegations, so we come back to who is most likely telling the truth & the stats are VERY clear that it is the woman, therefore the ruling is in her favour until proven otherwise

    • Monroe Morgan says:

      Lilac Lizard how are the stats clear that the women are telling the truth?

  11. day2night103 says:

    Seth! ???? well done

  12. Amy Simpson says:

    People are know being heard which is great, but now instead of being undeniably shut down like they used to they are undeniably believed. You can tweet anything, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true.

    • Ramsey Bolton says:

      sullyFL : Give me some proof that he invited her to his room.

    • Pacmann009 says:

      Exactly! When someone makes an allegation against somebody, he/she must provide hard and accurate evidence to back his/her allegations. We can’t just go around, make up bullshit and expect others to simply believe them.

    • K.C johnson says:

      There will be a backlash soon and then it will be the men’s turn to start accusing and it will be bloody no doubt.

    • Lilac Lizard says:

      civil court cases are decided based on “balance of probability” not “beyond reasonable doubt” the stats on the number of women who have experienced sexual harassment v the stats on the number of men who have had false allegations made against them personally means that on the balance of probability these allegations are true.

      I’m still undecided on this case, but overall, I am going to believe the women over the men because the stats say they’re the ones that are most likely telling the truth

    • Mewesical says:

      Look how YOU and others treat women who come forward. It has been statistically proven (and common sense) that women don’t lie about these things! What is wrong with you?!

  13. Jusbert Meza says:

    That was really smart for seth to ask him if these allegations are false why hasn’t he seeked to talk to these women to wonder why they would be lying. Im obviously paraphrasing but that was the question and Franco had a brain fart on what to say. I love james francos work and have been a fan for along time. But im not buying his stories. I think these women are telling the truth.

    • joel buckland says:

      These women? It’s one woman who has made public tweets about making false accusations before, and who deleted the tweets. Franco is taking the high road by not engaging. He could call her a lying ho, but it would impower other men to do the same when they ARE abusers. He’s doing the most honourable thing, and taking flak for it. Go look into this case, this isn’t Cosby or Louis CK.

    • Miguel Duarte says:

      Jusbert Meza he did 2 interviews where besides denying the allegations he gave his point of view of what es doing to support the movement,all worded properly, and ppl still come up with things to try to blame him(body language,not giving short answers)
      If he was to dm one of these women he’d probably get the messages taken out of context and accused of something else,plus doubt he’d get any sincere answer in the event of the
      allegations being false
      Which, due too lack of evidence,is what I believe

    • C J says:

      joel buckland // No, there were several women. It’s just one that has been taken down, the one he mentioned by name.
      Just to correct. I don’t know more about it myself,..

  14. Rios Ricardo says:

    American People can’t point fingers or criticize Sexual predators. When they have one of those as President…..remember He likes golden showers, He likes according to what he’s said “ Have sex with his friends wifes” He has a thing for his own daughter , Among other twisted things. Isn’t that called Hypocrisy………?…….? just wondering…..

    • Ton Fiselier says:

      Pacmann009 The Billy Bush tape and multiple women coming forward. Plus his behavior at his beauty pageants…

    • Pacmann009 says:

      I wonder, would you make the same statement about Bill Clinton and the fact the Crooked Hillary occasionally poke fun at them + more than 30000 emails that Crooked Hillary deleted?!

    • Ton Fiselier says:

      Pacmann009 Yes, I would. Clinton is a sleaze who cheated on his wife and let Lewinski take all the flak. But seriously, the emails? Again? Nice whataboutism there. The emails have nothing to do with Trump’s misconduct.

    • Darhar M. says:

      You mean the majority of Commiefornia & NYNY…

    • Turquoise Cheetah says:

      Rios Ricardo As if we have any fucking control over who the government decides is president. Hillary won the popular vote. Do some research before you spout bullshit.

  15. socrappyicoulddie says:

    Way to pivot at the last question, Franco…

  16. deadhomelessbum says:

    Americans: we don’t tolerate sexual abuse

    Also Americans: let’s elect a sexual predator as our president

    • Simon Frederiksen says:

      Josh Quick
      I would agree with you there if we were to look at the statement as it stands on its own but given that we are talking about a man who twice has sought wives who were not of the US of A and has propositioned a slew of celebrity women – that statement morphs into something icky of a whole different dimension – I mean from that angle what he is basically saying that were it not for the inconvenience of a close biological link, he would copulate with – I mean we both know that a date translates to looking at sheets with this guy. A guy who boasts of ramming his tongue down peoples throats just because he is the owner of a venue expects something from an investment – that’s 101 of deal making, right?

    • PAT2E says:

      deadhomelessbum shut uuup snowflakes

    • Turquoise Cheetah says:

      We didn’t elect him. Hillary won the popular vote. I didn’t vote because I don’t support either one (and our votes don’t matter anyway), so I couldn’t be blamed either way.

  17. jack p says:

    It’s bullshit, he did not force her, he did noooot. Oh, Hai Seth

  18. marvel nephilim says:

    If you are not guilty then you do not take the knock. What the hell are you talking about dude. Seriously.

  19. New Message says:

    Just because you call it ‘Being a playah’, as opposed to ‘Harassing my costars’ doesn’t mean that it is ‘not factual’.

  20. Aidan Yelsma says:

    I know it’s just because the spider man was such a big part of my childhood, but I have never been able to not see Harry Osborne when I see James Franco.

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