James May’s Tesla Model S has failed!

James May’s Tesla Model S has failed!

James May has had his Tesla Model S for a while, and until now there have been little-to-no issues with the big electric saloon car. But after taking time away from the bunker to film the next episode of The Grand Tour, a gremlin has crept into James’ EV. Let him explain…

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Hall of the Mountain King Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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42 Responses

  1. Tom The Xbox series X says:

    This is the video where Hammond and Jezza would drive away without giving any help

  2. Jan Iedema says:

    This video is basically whenever the grand tour cuts to black with “many hours later” and he’s still going

    • Billy says:

      And top gear

    • Emenesu says:

      Such a shame they do that. We miss out on some gold material.

    • Noah Calland says:

      I assume they keep the cameras rolling and that footage just ends up on the cutting room floor. They should upload all that extra footage here, or make a new “James May Rants” youtube channel.

    • M C says:

      @Noah Calland If i recall correclty, on one of the GT behinds the scesnse vids, they said they roughly have 250 hours worth of footage to compress into a hourish, that mightve been for one of the specials mind you but you get the idea .. ps spelling i know v high

  3. imallfordabulls says:

    “It’s a bit boring this but I’m going to have to explain it all.”

    I am all in.

  4. Chris Boyd says:

    I could listen to James complain about the weather and be totally entertained for hours on end.

  5. Dean Churchman says:

    “The door won’t open because the battery’s flat”

    We’re reaching levels of design incompetence that shouldn’t be possible, captain!

    • Ruaraidh McDonald-Walker says:

      @Rabiator the Great My S sat for most of last year and drove very very few miles, sometimes for months at a time. It never lost charge on the 12V battery. The mains charger was was set to charge to 80% on the main battery and that cycles the charger every few days as the main battery discharges a little. The 12V battery is charged via a DCDC converter from the main battery. The 12V battery is very small, certainly compared with a petrol or diesel car.

    • RandomGuyDoes says:

      French cars that don’t start if the wrong rear light is burnt out comes to mind.

    • Orwellian YouTube says:

      r/asshole design

    • alphatrion100 says:

      @danette cadzow
      corvettes sound like deathtraps

    • Uryendel says:

      The best part is you can open the fronk without any key…

  6. Ryan K. says:

    If this was Jezza’s car, he would have hammered everything until it worked again.

    • mug wump says:

      Including the Caterer?😆
      Naaa, he`d have just stared at it, and shouted ” *_Powerrrrrr!_* ” 😁

  7. darkySp says:

    Clarkson and Hammond think that May’s explaining and rambling is boring, but i honestly love it.
    It’s genuinely interesting to me.

    • Armastat says:

      That is because the Hamster and the Orangutan are knobs.

    • chillout1109 says:

      They don’t mean that of course. They only say it as part of the script. Each one of them has a part to play on the show. James plays the “boring” one.

    • SquidCaps says:

      In Top Gear/Grand Tour his long winded ramblings would destroy the flow and energy. When on his own the whole thing has different pacing and i do love that we get to see May in his own element.. but.. being in the company of two different kind of knobheads makes the trio. You can actually take Hammond or Clarkson away and it still works… 😉 May is the irreplaceable one. Hammond and Clarkson has other qualities that makes them unique but the whole dynamic of an idiot vs Captain Slow.. requires one Captain slow and then some dude.

      And yes, i find it still funny when the two interrupt Mays ramblings, it just.. is the right thing to do for that show, it is comedic.

    • GeoDelGonzo says:

      He’s like a talking Harlequin novel to me.

    • Chris Robinson says:

      James is the most interesting boring man on the planet. It’s practically a brand.

  8. Thomas Sears says:

    “cant open the door because the battery has gone flat”
    “why is the battery flat”
    “because the other battery is charged”

    • RootedHat says:

      makes perfect sense

    • KiznaVision says:

      Normally the main battery charges the 12V battery once the system detects that it needs to be charged. Or at least that’s what’s happening on the Model 3 and Y.

      Though, the Model S is their second most oldest car, and the design is from 2012, or well. Actually older, the prototype was finished in 2009. I suspect the refresh Model S will be a lot different to the one James owns.

  9. JM's unemployment tube says:

    To be clear, I set the battery to charge to 80 per cent. When I say ‘fully charged’ I mean the cycle is complete.

    • Heiko Luder says:

      In 5 ½ years of Tesla Ownership we have never had a problem like yours.There is no need to trickle charge the 12V battery as the car will charge from the main battery as soon as it sees a problem.Also your local Tesla Mobile Tech could have sorted you out if you would have raised a service request on the Mobile app. I think you have fiddled with your Tesla and not read the manual ! Also the Mobile tech /Ranger would have been helping if you would have rang Tesla Roadside assistance.
      I have never had a 12V battery failure like yours but I had 12V batteries replaced as and when an error message came up on the screen to say that the 12V battery needs replacing.
      Your car is a 19 registration so should have been in warranty (if it is under 50,000 miles) and Tesla would have replaced your battery with an on-site/home visit which nobody else currently offers from the legacy manufacturers like BMW or Mercedes.
      I think your story is a bit of a non Event and Clickbait Just in order to get advertising and traffic on your DRIVETRIBE channel.
      There is a lot to criticise and improve on a Tesla but this is the wrong impression you are giving.
      The 12V battery is of concern on all EVs and its longevity because it is needed to power up cameras and the computer in the car but THIS would have been easily solved by Tesla with a Service call and there would have been no hassle as they come out to you within a few days or even hours if you would have rung Roadside assistance!
      Tesla Service has improved incredibly.I had 1 serivice call on door handles and as I said 12V replacement in the last 6 months and always reported via the Mobile Tesla app and Mobile tech came to my house and repaired the car twice ahead of schedule on the Northeast of England .
      I would suggest that you monitor your car with Teslafi as others have suggested and that will wake up the car from time to time to initiate a charge to your 12V battery – however it will also give you some phantom drain.
      This is better than on a Kia eNiro where the battery will die completely without warning due an error on the current software in the car not and not recharging the 12V battery at all !

      Also this does not make ICE cars more reliable at all as I know plenty of Tesla owners in fact 12,000 in the Tesla owners group whomps not suffer from 12V batteries randomly draining!

    • The Life Of Batteries says:

      The tray with the pipes can be removed. Just pull the pipes off

    • The Life Of Batteries says:

      @E Shattow model 3 has an emergency release behind the towing eye cover, just add 12v to the 2 cables in there to open the frunk. Only works if the battery is flat

    • Space Soup says:

      JAMES ADOPT ME lol

    • P Herron says:

      What you need is an Antigravity battery with reStart tech. I replaced all traditional batteries in my bikes and cars. Don’t know how they’ll work in a Tesla.

  10. Señoritas Top's says:

    If this had been Jezza’s car, I would have messed it up

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