Jamie Dornan Eats His Own Abs – The Graham Norton Show

Jamie Dornan Eats His Own Abs – The Graham Norton Show

An audience member has baked a life-size Christian Grey cake. Jamie digs in.

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20 Responses

  1. Ultron says:

    Rose looks like John Travolta 

  2. meera daya says:

    omg Jamie voice is to die for!!

  3. Fatty Bigguns says:

    Lmao the cake drops on the ground and Jamie asks the older lady to eat it

  4. I'm Ok says:

    I want to sit on his Face so bad

  5. ElenorRigby says:

    That is an amazing cake! You may have started a lucrative trend. I’m
    waiting for the barbie dolls to come out, but I’d rather eat a Christian
    Cake anytime.
    Jamie was like “why?” Lol He has no idea what he’s done to us women. Which
    is even sexier. And Graham is a hoot. 

  6. ForeverDestined says:

    I burst out laughing at Jamie’s “Why?!” to the person who made it. 

  7. Sunny By The Sea says:

    Jamie is sexy even when he eats licorice.

  8. Frank Lein says:

    Christian Grey ate himself

  9. Unapologetically Kenny says:

    “Eat his own ass” would have been better.

  10. J'zargo Baratheon says:

    so here is my frustration at school. I sat next to this guy that look very
    similar to Jamie Dornan. He doesn’t shave his beard. His eyes are similar
    to Jamie’s. His hair is also similar. He dresses very neat to class like
    how business students usually dress (no idea why he dresses so nice to
    class like that, maybe he has work after?). I kept checking him out all the
    time. So distracting when I need to focus lol. Good thing I only have that
    class once a week.

  11. Frikadellie Mad says:

    I hate cannibals ( •́ﻩ•̀ )

  12. Sohelee Tahmina says:


  13. Xe M says:

    What’s going on with Irish and Scottish actors? They are taking over

  14. Tonic says:

    Now that’s what you call a cake…

  15. Vini Bhatt says:

    “Why?” Seriously though +Rosie Cake-Diva what is it made of? I mean, is it
    something simple like vanilla, pineapple or did you use more exotic
    flavours… It’s a beautiful cake, but kinda creepy because it looks so

  16. Kristin Burns says:

    If 50 shades had to be a movie this is the best part

  17. Mohadeseh AHM says:

    I wanna taste him too! LoL

  18. Cucumber says:

    I never saw a cannibal until I watched this.

  19. ngoc thanh dinh says:

    Kkvknknjji ik

  20. ngoc thanh dinh says:

    Njni hbjjj kjj njhjj. Hk
    Kjj kbykun