Jamie Foxx – You Changed Me (Audio) ft. Chris Brown

Jamie Foxx – You Changed Me (Audio) ft. Chris Brown

“Jamie Foxx “”You Changed Me”” feat. Chris Brown available now!
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iYouChangedMe?IQid=yt
Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/aYouChangedMe?IQid=yt”

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19 Responses

  1. MsAngelBlue 23 says:

    Amazing song 

  2. Sharhonda Iceson says:

    On heavy rotation already!

  3. thomas mayo says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  4. Danny Chanda says:

    this song is awesome and i dont know what you guys are talking about jamie
    was epic in this song.

  5. Key Waiters says:

    I love this song

  6. richard smith says:

    I like when Chris brown do real r&b records like this

  7. MzPinkylicious says:

    chris verse is killer!! I <3

  8. areliy lovaah says:

    You know what I’m missin’, fiendin’ for your kisses
    All night on my phone, when you talk I listen
    Sexin’ all in the kitchen
    Breakin’ all of these dishes
    Your crib or my bed? It don’t make a difference
    I’m lickin’ on your body girl I’m feelin’ on your booty
    Now you really wanna do the nasty
    Girl I love it when you get on your knees you make me disappear like magic
    Girl you don’t even know
    All the bitches I let go, for you <3

  9. Youness Sabir Amerani says:

    Yeaaah !! BREEEZY ♡

  10. Natalia Silva says:

    Chris Brown ❤

  11. Waseem Hamada says:

    the beat is strikingly similar to one of drakes songs on the take care
    album lol. Otherwise, fucking amazing song!

  12. Malik Williams says:

    NEW!!!! #JamieFoxx + #ChrisBrown – You Changed Me (Audio)

  13. Wamuiru DeVoe says:

    Yasss, perfect combo..

  14. Shaqueena Thornton-Coleman says:

    Ooh I am lovinq it

  15. godiva1984 says:

    Its okay I guess I have to get used to it i hope the whole cd isnt in this

  16. Matt Kisseih says:

    Who’s better than Chris brown?!! 

  17. Simon Barasa says:

    hi friends i compose melodic music and upload it on my channel please
    please please please please please please check me out

  18. Drine Marques says:

    Música Incrivelmente Linda!
    = D Team Breezy Forever S2

    Parceria de Sucesso!!!!

  19. Vanessa Phillips says:

    Love this song!! And the chorus part