Jason Momoa Made A HUGE Mistake While Filming Aquaman | The Graham Norton Show

Jason Momoa Made A HUGE Mistake While Filming Aquaman | The Graham Norton Show

Jason Momoa will be back this Friday!

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66 Responses

  1. Ruby Abc says:

    Who else is excited for christmas??

  2. Pauline Joseph says:

    How can one man be so sexy? Seems unfair

  3. Gabriele Gineprino says:

    Maui after diet

  4. Qais Al Bulushi says:

    Really love this show ✌?

  5. Ruby Abc says:

    2:00 don’t wanna be rude, but I actually thought all of them are part of his family?

  6. ScarlettP says:

    I seriously cant imagine Jason without his bread and long hair, he would look so different

  7. DrBruce LEE says:

    Hey fish boy
    It’s Not fish boy it’s fishman

  8. The Music Arena says:

    The only reason you have girlfriend, is beacuse Jason is already married. Other wise y’all wouldn’t stand a chance

  9. Leah Endicott says:

    Dude, I’ve be a fan of Jason since his Stargate days. Can’t wait for Auqaman

  10. Baskerville Bee says:

    Lisa is a lucky, lucky woman.

  11. The Music Arena says:

    Graham for the damn oscars!

  12. alexhernandez49 says:

    Jason Momoa being Jason Momoa is as good as Hugh Grant just being Hugh Grant, brilliant!

    • Dot Ray says:

      I love to listen and I love to look at him he is something else any I’m going to watch it out what is it Aquaman yeah Aquaman okay bye

  13. John WEAK says:

    I envy this guy. He is damn perfect.

  14. Pals C says:

    Jason Mamoa is sexiest man alive.

  15. Pals C says:

    *”Mine didn’t even want to watch me”* I died laughing

  16. Alex Hendry says:

    He is so huge and manly but so gentle and cute?

  17. Aashish Khakha says:

    Jason Momoa is such a darling! ???????

  18. hobbit says:

    why does he keep looking and talking to that lady instead of the host?

  19. G Ten says:

    I love his Voice
    Such a gentleman Voice

  20. Geometricspike456 says:

    Doesn’t he look like the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz

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