Jason Momoa Spills His Life Secrets!

Jason Momoa Spills His Life Secrets!

I got to interview Jason Momoa for Aquaman!

Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMCijY1XGlQ
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63 Responses

  1. ISingand DoOtherThings says:

    I hope jack gets to meet Chris Pratt maybe for the Guardians of the Galaxy movies Man

  2. English Ollie says:

    Wow I didn’t know they were remaking the little mermaid

  3. Modern Cinderella says:

    Your female (and some of male as well of course ?) audience is very grateful for this interview! haha ? Finally being a female gamer has paid off!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  4. Alex Dahlia says:

    Damn. Ryan Reynolds and Jason Mamoa in one year??? Looking forward to Chris Pratt and Tom Holland soon

  5. SilverLaw_ says:

    I never thought aquaman was ever lame ive always fucking loved him in the comics

  6. Geckonerd says:

    That’s awesome that Jack gets to meet so many celebrities.

    • darkoraclegirl says:

      Someone as wonderful as Jack deserves to get to meet these wonderful people. He is living the dream right now and I think we can all agree that he’s earned it.

  7. Neo_the_Hybrid says:

    Aquaman’s powers: breath underwater and can talk to fish.

    Those are the same powers as Spongebob…

    • darkoraclegirl says:

      +Neo_the_Hybrid When I saw the Walter line I dashed to the replies to see if anyone got it. Was almost disappointed until I spotted GuitarGamer’s. Thank god one person knows it.

    • Neo_the_Hybrid says:

      +darkoraclegirl it’s not Walter, it’s Melvin.

    • darkoraclegirl says:

      +Neo_the_Hybrid AH! You’re right! Ah man now I feel stupid. Melvin was fun, wish Jeff would bring him back in his videos.

  8. Just Toast It says:

    Ryan Reynolds, Bryan Dechart, Jason Momoa… Looks like you are creating a team to fight the evil…

  9. Megan Misura says:

    *Is it just me or was this interview really awkward?*

  10. Charlie Rigby says:

    You met Deadpool, Connor and now Aquaman

    This man is a legend.

  11. hateego says:

    Jack does a great job conducting this interview, highly professional. Jason seems to enjoy the session but you can tell he’s exhausted. Regardless though it’s a solid interview with some wise words and heart in Jason’s responses. Congratulations, Jack, I hope you get more opportunities like this.

  12. Sudeep Shinde says:

    our little jackaboy is chillin with big boys

  13. Danilo Nakazone says:

    Its so weird to see Sean speaking in a normal voice constantly without shouting…

  14. Krabbypal says:

    Impressive how you managed to stand your ground in front of such a famous person and asked him good and interesting question. You NAILED this interview dude
    next up on the list : act in a movie

    • darkoraclegirl says:

      My mom’s got to meet Momoa twice at conventions we’ve gone to and she saids he’s really nice, always makes time to talk to each person he meets. So I think Momoa is one of those down to earth kind of celebs who don’t take others for granted just cause they are famous.

    • Krabbypal says:

      +darkoraclegirl still impressive

  15. Tweet Tweet17 says:

    Potatoman meets Aquaman. Together they form typhoons that chuck potatoes at criminals.

  16. The Raconteur says:

    Kinda glossed over that whole “eyeball popped out” thing…

  17. chewy playz says:

    Did anyone notice that the background behind Jason is moving!?

  18. Zalzar says:

    Marvel: We have created the greatest cross-over ever!
    Jacksepticeye: Hold my guiness!

  19. Sia Dubey says:


  20. Marisa Payne says:

    Holy shit. This was not the video I expected to see today

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