Jason Segel Escaped LA For An Orange Grove

Jason Segel Escaped LA For An Orange Grove

‘Otherworld’ author Jason Segel moved said ‘goodbye’ to Orange County and ‘hello’ to orange country.

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50 Responses

  1. Neha Lal says:

    Oh! It’s so nice to see him 😍

  2. Cauvin Moreau says:

    How I Met Your Marmalade… COMING SOON.

  3. David Mnaba says:

    Humble guy

  4. Banie A says:

    I loved him in How I Met Your Mother.

  5. BM says:

    He wrote five books in five years? That can’t be good.

  6. Warden R.ian says:

    judge supreme we need ur help with trump

  7. Jason Bean says:

    Smart, funny and nice. Great to see him.:)

  8. designjunky says:

    “Massive” is used exactly in the sense Stephen says over in Ireland, mostly among working class kids. “Yer man’s car is bleedin’ massive!”

    • Eddie Panedi says:

      Yeah, that’s actually a fucking ‘Ali G’ line. Stephen is so derivative he doesn’t even know it. Dig deeper next time, STEVE KOL BURT!!!

      “I’m walkin’ here! Get your fuckin’ shinebox, STEVE!”

    • OldRaver1 says:

      Eddie Panedi … and Ali G took it from South London DJs and gangs ‘This one goes out to the Brixton Massive’
      But it started off as a term ‘that’s massive’ in the 80s in UK.
      Just means something is huge, a big deal.

    • Kit Palmer says:

      Eddie Panedi Sacha Baron CohenΒ didn’t invent London slang

    • BAM says:

      Jamaican slang

  9. Nguyen dinh hung says:


  10. Joe Wilson says:

    Come again for Judge Fudge?

  11. littledarkstranger says:

    Massive in the context that Stephen described is used in Ireland… So it is a thing πŸ™‚

  12. B R says:

    Rent a grove to read a book?!!! Is that a sign of being noveau riche? Fifth book, and he doesn’t read. So unfair, when I’m struggling with just the THOUGHT of starting my autobiography. πŸ˜’

    • abemagic10 says:

      what about the Β audio book?!

    • B R says:

      abhijeet bharguv…Irony. In the land of cowboys, an Indian comes along to speaks logically and calmly. Jai Hind!

    • Solar Aqier says:

      abhijeet bharguv bruh. get back on the floor.

    • B R says:

      Carlos Valle…Muchas gracias! The voice of reason from an immigrant (son of an immigrant?)/”furnerr”. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. THAT was NOT meant as an insult OR condescension. I’m a “furnerr” too, a NEUTRAL observer in “Murica” and watching the social changes sweeping this vast country. My first 13 years was spent living in the “swamp” and have recently moved to a smaller “city” in the NW, where the staff employed in burger joints, pizza parlors and restaurants are PREDOMINANTLY Caucasian. 😱 A RARE occurrence back east. Interesting backlash from the public, though.

    • B R says:

      abemagic10…good suggestion. GATHERING my thoughts should be a trip in itself. 😁

  13. Leftist SJW Libtard Cuck Feminazi-Snowflake says:

    I thought Jason Segel was just a funny goofy guy… But now he’s starring in serious movies, writing books and shit!?
    Dude, the BRAKES ARE ON!

    Am… am… Am I using this right?

  14. Antony Murray says:

    He writes more than he reads?? A regular Garth Marenghi.

  15. Vanessa H. says:

    Wow, didn’t know he was this boring irl πŸ™

  16. Raj Uppal says:

    I’m a big fan of Stephen but that was just horrible the way he interacted with him, i mean let the guy finish a thought or deliver that joke. He needed flow better in that interview. I mean its late night television its supposed to be light hearted and entertaining.

  17. Vardhan Shrivastava says:

    the breaks are awn!

  18. TheObeaman says:

    looks like he had a few sandwiches right before coming to show.

  19. Daene Luna says:

    The book pitch kind of sounds like Stranger Things?

  20. Rand0m ness says:

    He’s exactly like his character πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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