Jaws 19 – Trailer

Jaws 19 – Trailer

Jaws 19 – Trailer
Coming Soon.

This time, it’s really, really personal.

http://uphe.biz/BTTF30thAnni #BTTF2015 #Jaws19

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20 Responses

  1. PagnDad2 says:

    Very witty

  2. White Wolf says:

    This is probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. lykan2 says:

    Where are all the Jaws Movies? Timey-Wimey?

    great Parody….now to watch BttF again

  4. 04279 says:

    Ivan Sharkovski got the Oskar for the main lead. Remember?
    I guess, Peter Benchley and his family got a whole bunch of roaylties for
    that. :-)

  5. POE1202KWOK says:

    throwback to Back To The Future 2! Now its personal

  6. Brendan Smith says:

    Let’s just face people: Nothing will be able top Jaws 9. I know other
    people may not like him, but I think Pauly Shore did a great job as
    Barnabus Brody. Plus, there’s that final battle on the skyscraper. Fucking

  7. culinary97 says:

    Quint must be spinning in his barnacle grave!

  8. Rob Hamilton says:

    A prequel, the sequel to the prequel, and a reboot. #HorrorMovie101

  9. Neil Taylor says:

    I’m more interested in the next one Jaws XX space shark.-in space no one
    can hear you scream…catchy title.

  10. Zidders Roofurry says:

    Bite was better.

  11. Kasaix says:

    This is the greatest movie trailer ever. Universal, you fucking won.

  12. Freya&Marius Let'sPlayTogether says:

    coldmirror army incoming

  13. philthestampede says:

    I would watch every single one of those movies lol

  14. iLawltastic says:

    Hell, I wouldn’t care if Jaws made thirty movies in reality.

    Would still knock those Paranormal Activity movies away.

  15. sakurablitz says:



  16. Christian Quinonez says:

    Wtf was this

  17. rantsinrap says:

    Yeah, but nothing can match the gut-wrenching heartbreak of Jaws 17: Fifty
    Scales of Grey. I mean, that was practically a masterpiece of cinema, how
    can you top that? Plus, that sound track song Glub Me Like You Do by Ellie
    Gouldfish? Truly fantastic.

  18. Josh Hughes says:

    Is it still directed by Max Spielberg?

  19. Super60429 says:

    …Is this a joke?

  20. Jamro 4163 says:

    shark still looks fake