JAWS! Swimming with Gators!

JAWS! Swimming with Gators!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote, Mark and Mario go swimming with alligators!

That’s correct, you read that right! However will the jaws of the gators attack the crew underwater or are these reptilian predators just simply misunderstood?

Get ready to find out!

HUGE THANKS to Mario Aldecoa and Chris Gillette for their expert assistance on this production. If you have a moment go check out their Instagrams for pictures from the field!

Also an extra special thank you to David Turk, the RenderDude, for assisting on camera in this video! Checkout his Instagram as well for some amazing graphic design!

Chris’s Instagram – http://bit.ly/IGchris
Mario’s Instagram – http://bit.ly/IGmarioaldecoa
RenderDude – http://bit.ly/IGrenderdude

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68 Responses

  1. Jaden Thompson says:

    Man these underwater adventures are my favorite 😛

  2. Jean-De-Foi says:

    that’s zooked

  3. Picklewrap Games says:

    I have to say the Jurrasic Park reference was my favorite part.
    Like if you agree

  4. Life's Wild Adventures says:

    ._. You guys had to do a gator video this week…. right before I did mine…..

  5. Liana Bent Monegro says:

    Wtf I literally started watching the Brave and wilderness when they were reaching 1 million subscribers..I’ve stopped watching a lot of YouTube and Just came back. To him having 11 million subscribers….damn

  6. Lucy Johnson says:

    He’s heading the same route as Steve Irwin, bless his soul.

  7. Anondi Joseph says:

    Wow Coyote!This made me lose my fear of gators a bit. Now that I look at them I realize they are not as hostile as I once thought instead they are just trying to survive just as us. They almost are like sharks. They don’t wish to harm us they just want to protect themselves and get food. Like us humans they just make mistakes sometimes. I still wouldn’t risk seeing a wild one up close, but I have a new found appreciation for them.

    • Michael Williams says:

      Anondi Joseph except if one catches you in the wild, it will grab you death roll you, drown you and wait until you start rotting at the bottom of the pond to start eating you… *But don’t let that scare you from gators.* =)

    • Shiliik Kendall says:

      Anondi Joseph they are better at killing us than sharks are

    • MeSaber says:

      Tame gators vs wild. Dont lose fear, they will kill you in the wild.

      Just like any other wild animal they live off of instinct. If you jump off of a boat into gator pond you are screwed.

      He says they arent tamed. These gators know humans more than any other gator. In the wild they wont say ‘thats a human splashing, i wont eat it’. Its food.

      Notice how he says in the video that the gator comes to him and expect being fed by the human. If that isnt tamed i dont know what is.

  8. unicorn girl aka raeal diaz says:

    Me the whole time
    Get out of there get out of there please

  9. doodle bob says:

    So what? Coyote just casually wakes up and says “lets go swim with gators” ?

  10. Gaming_With_Bunny says:

    Waiting for Coyote to meet a coyote

  11. Moon Knight says:


  12. chic says:

    Alligators are kinda cute.. there small eyes and big rounded snouts.. Crocs are just jelly.

  13. DeliriousAMV says:

    id like to visit that place and swim with them as well i wanna be just like coyote and travel the world and see different animals and study them

  14. Unicorn Lover 101 says:

    I live in Louisiana and I have seen them my whole life but the crazy thing is i have never eaten one but my cousin said they taste like chicken 😋

  15. Andrew Bloomfield says:

    *_Lazy Underwater Sausage Doggo’s_*

  16. Glacial Knight says:

    Did you know crocodilians are more closely related to birds then reptiles?

  17. RDJetz Da Pilot says:

    ……yall trippin

  18. Nick Tokar says:

    Casper the friendly gator

  19. SilentSky says:

    Scary yet so cool!

  20. AntsCanada says:

    Crazy! This is an intense video. I think getting into a man-made pool with American alligators who are used to human interaction seems pretty cool, however last year I was able to float down the Katabatangan River in Sandakan, Borneo which was littered with wild crocodiles which WILL eat people. I would never get close! Real life dinosaurs for sure! Great video, as usual!

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